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Having a really slow and boring day.

So I decided to mess about on my drums and actually do some practice for once in my life. After doodling with some rudiments I thought I'd knock this ditty together. I remember being shown a paradiddle as a backbeat between the ride, hi-hat and snare by my first drum teacher. It sounded fantastic, looked really clever and it certainly got me practising my rudiments from then on!

So here we are. Rudiments 101. ...


OK Martin, time to admit it publicly !!
Given the sheer quantity AND quality of your uploads & add you are either :
- a retired rock star w/ ALL the time in the world in your hands, fed up of the lavish party lifestyle + the usual crowd of hanger's on..
- a multi millionaire roaming Wikiloops incognito who buys & sells corporations over the phone between uploads
- a 100% addicted to this site whose life has gone to shambles, not washing, wife fled home, dishes piling in the sink, unopened mail pouring into the street..
OR... a VERY talented nutter that somehow manages to juggle job, family life, gigging, tons of uploads/adds & yes... even reading the mail WITHOUT ever skipping one single beat !!!
My bet ? #3 !!
Fine drum template Martin, just fine.. 😎😎
June 03 2015 19:41:21
Marceys hahahahahaha +1
June 03 2015 21:03:06
mpointon LOL, Nuno. Such kind words! :) Sadly I'm a bit of the last two! I'm just a software developer who's between jobs and has a lot of time on his hands! I'm also between homes due to a marriage failure and am hiding at my mother's house until I get new job underway so bills are low!

But her house is large and I can make a racket!

I was a professional player once and it was all I ever wanted to be. Or a pilot. But bills, family, etc., took over and I had to get a 'real' job. This was over 20 years ago. Been stuck in IT ever since.

I'm very lucky. I come from a very musical family and I took to drums very easily and naturally. I've also been very well-trained in my early years. I used to practice four hours a day - just because I wanted to. The key for me is not what you play but how you play it. A simple groove played well is much better for everyone than a complex and messy beat. Also, listening to the other players is key, picking out their rhythms and dynamics as part of your performance. That is how you 'belong' to a track. Ultimately I'm an amateur who's acquired a lot of experience over the years.

In truth, it doesn't take long to record my loops - maybe three or four in an hour so I spend a lot less time on them than it seems. Takes longer to mix them usually.

Anyway. Enough of my life story! I'm typing this on my phone! Thank you, Nuno for your kind words. I am addicted to this place though! Love it.
June 03 2015 22:16:37
nuno1959 ....& some still say the internet isolates people, right ?
I wish a GREAT job ( something tha REALLY enjoy. - rather than just a good salary... ) comes along real soon so you can get "back on your trtrack" real soon !!
PLEASE never take offence w/ my diatribes, i have a weird sense of humour where these movie like sketches suddenly pop into my mind making me laugh uncontrolably ( & looking VERY weird to outsiders.. ) but it's always in good jest...
Also using my phone now while in hospital & boy.. do i miss my humongous iMac or what !?!?!?
Tests today showed my lung has popped back into shape, chest drain is gone &.. I'm starting to think they just have enoigh of me !?...hum... :D :D
June 04 2015 01:16:17
mpointon I'd never take offence, Nuno. I'm genuinely honoured you think highly of what I add. I don't do compliments very well!

Just get better. I need some bass fixes!
:D nice base, when i come to my house, i'll try put some bass together.+1
total classy :)+1
ooooh, the ideas are jumping at me. Great beat!+1
Lenny Cowler
good drums ride:)+1
Awesome, I'm low IQ...+1
very good Martin! Gonna jump on it!+1
Nice beat M and good luck with the job hunt. As Nuno said, hopefully find something that you love doing ;)+1
June 04 2015 01:14:49
mpointon Thanks Rob. Much as I'd love to spend my days filling WikiLoops with my noise, it don't pay the bills. It'd be the perfect job if it did! +1
Best yet Martin ..lets see you have about 7 dozen remixes already .Yes pick other drummers work to pieces best way to learn but I can think of a few drummers that are just over my pay grade for dissection.D+1
Great....always love your play+1
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