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Having a really slow and boring day.

So I decided to mess about on my drums and actually do some practice for once in my life. After doodling with some rudiments I thought I'd knock this ditty together. I remember being shown a paradiddle as a backbeat between the ride, hi-hat and snare by my first drum teacher. It sounded fantastic, looked really clever and it certainly got me practising my rudiments from then on!

So here we are. Rudiments 101. Backbeats made of paradiddles. Structure is:

16 bars verse
8 bars chorus
16 bars verse
16 bars chorus
16 bars middle 8
8 bars bridge/drop-down
16 bars chorus
16 bars verse/outro

I hope it's useful to someone and isn't the busy car crash it sounds to my ears!

Sorry, I forgot a count-in but there is a two-beat lead-in fill at the start. HD download has no reverb on it - please add it on if you use it.



September 01 2015 16:23:41
JeebsieJeebsie Soooo Good!

June 09 2015 01:35:45
kimbokimbo gonna have to butcher this at some point...sorry its on the to do list!:)

June 07 2015 21:22:04
WadeWade I'm certainly not going to be the one who adds to this, but just enjoy hearing just drums (on their own) and getting an idea of your thinking and playing process.

June 05 2015 06:47:56
GirardGirard You are a genius. I don't care what you say. Your playing is incredible.

June 05 2015 04:31:08
akethesnakerakethesnaker This is great!

June 04 2015 08:04:14
chrisbasschrisbass Great....always love your play

June 04 2015 04:13:23
DrumshticksDrumshticks Best yet Martin ..lets see you have about 7 dozen remixes already .Yes pick other drummers work to pieces best way to learn but I can think of a few drummers that are just over my pay grade for dissection.D

June 04 2015 01:32:46
mpointonmpointon I should point out that the Middle 8 is not a paradiddle, just a backbeat with a busy snare. I realised whilst recording it I needed something different for that bit (I have the above structure marked out in a recording template in Reaper just in case I forget how to count).

June 04 2015 00:01:30
RobMRobM Nice beat M and good luck with the job hunt. As Nuno said, hopefully find something that you love doing ;)
+1 June 04 2015 01:14:49 RobMmpointon
Thanks Rob. Much as I'd love to spend my days filling WikiLoops with my noise, it don't pay the bills. It'd be the perfect job if it did!
June 03 2015 21:32:03
ivaxivax Great MP


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