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Porsha and I writing new material. Scratch track leaving out some instrumentation. Whatcha got?
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Soul Neo Soul


ah yeah! cool track ZamZam!+2
June 03 2015 20:12:08
Zamzam I'm sure you know when I am writing one for ya ;-) +1
June 03 2015 20:13:18
Zamzam I held back on my keys just to keep a bit of a guide. +1
Nice :)+1
That's very very cool, Zam !!!! Very Fine work!!! :-))+1
Wow! great stuff Zamzam!;)...lovely voice Porsha!:)+1
very good ZZ,+1
supercool ;o)+1
oh yeah groovy+1
Great !!+1
The title says it all ... This track is Oooh Soo Good :)+1
Another great one!+1

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