The Move Along Blues

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I made sure to leave TONS of room for instruments and solos galore, so bring them on! Here is upload number 4 for me. Hope you enjoy! :)


October 30 2016 20:35:01
kmoon235kmoon235 Yeah, could listen to you sing all night long
+1 October 30 2016 21:03:23 kmoon235KellsBells
Thank you!! :D
September 14 2016 01:32:28
Ernie440Ernie440 Great Kells, I had to do this again after hearing you sing ... really super blues!! :)

December 27 2015 22:48:14
frenziefrenzie Mmm. ..juicy, tastes very good Kell even the clipping on the vocals which is due to early recording habits I guess your musical touch is spot on great singing here :)
+1 December 27 2015 22:52:31 frenzieKellsBells
Thank you. I had never recorded a song in my life before Wikiloops and have no mixing or musical training. I think this was my third or 4th upload. Plus when I started here, I was using a Guitar Hero microphone I got at a yard sale for a dollar. I have since upgraded to a Blue Yeti mic. Still have little knowledge of mixing. Just learning from all the fine people here at the Loops willing to share their tips and advice. :)
December 27 2015 23:25:34 frenziefrenzie
Ask me anytime Kell what little knowledge I have i m willing to share or make a mix for you if you want just PM me ;)
December 11 2015 21:24:37
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Awesome Kelly, this Sounds like a great blues tube (don't know if this idiom works in english??) :D Love it!!
+1 December 12 2015 00:20:40 frankyguitarKellsBells
Thank you Franky! You are always there with a kind word my friend. :D :)
November 02 2015 21:02:59
CarpenterCarpenter Love it :)
+1 November 02 2015 23:19:22 CarpenterKellsBells
Thank you so much, Carpenter. :)
September 30 2015 01:48:17
TofzegritTofzegrit megalol lol lol, never thumbed this one, maybe I'm lost in the Silent Valley ;) with a Hunger

August 25 2015 14:09:31
ddruszkowskiddruszkowski Carbondale? I just moved out of there a year ago - living in Goreville now.....Great singing
+1 August 25 2015 17:31:35 ddruszkowskiKellsBells
Thank you, neighbor! ;)
August 25 2015 19:47:35 ddruszkowskiddruszkowski
I miss the Quattros pizza.....(sad face)
August 25 2015 08:54:38
aleonzaleonz you can sing all kind of music wonderfully Kelly! excellent singing ...sweet vocal tone! love it!
+1 August 25 2015 17:29:57 aleonzKellsBells
Thanks Alice, It was my second upload! I wanted to try all kinds of different styles and what better place to do that then Wikiloops! :D
August 25 2015 05:43:09
RelativityRelativity WHOA I JUST CAUGHT THIS! WHOA BABY! Im from Chicago, Kel. You are speaking my language here.This is seriously awesome blues.
+1 August 25 2015 06:00:57 RelativityKellsBells
Hey Joe! Thank you! I am about 350 miles south of you in Carbondale, Il. This was my second vocal upload here at the Loops, with my old Guitar Hero microphone. lol
August 25 2015 06:01:33 RelativityRelativity
Im from Orland Park, ill.
August 25 2015 06:04:42 RelativityKellsBells
I stand corrected, you are 317 miles North of me. ;) A little behind the music here: This was the first time I ever sang the Blues. lol Beginners luck?
August 25 2015 06:07:27 RelativityRelativity
Whats a few dozen miles?
August 05 2015 02:09:11
MasterKMasterK Great work on this, have to laugh at the lyrics. :)
+1 August 14 2015 20:51:42 MasterKKellsBells
Thank you Master K! :)
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