Furry Love + sax 2

Remix step #6 (playing)
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Itocpogo208 jams Supporter
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I added to Lutz's remix track # 41643 but was surprised that system would not allow another upload. This is a good song that captures the fusion jazz of the '70's and Lutz's solos sets a very nice mood and groove. I added small solo sections after Lutz's solos after 1:55, 3:08 and counter to Lutz's ending at 3:56.


June 05 2015 23:09:09
LutzLutz Nice, Itoc! The groove created by the others makes it really easy to enjoy yourself. Reminds me so much of Miles' You're under Arrest, and such stuff.
+1 June 06 2015 01:03:14 LutzItocpogo
Thank You, Lutz! During Miles' creative funk period he used a soprano saxist named Bill Evans (still active today) and your playing reminds me of him!
June 05 2015 20:03:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+1 June 05 2015 22:39:37 Lenny CowlerItocpogo
Thank you very much Lenny!
June 05 2015 18:51:47
TofzegritTofzegrit You have found your place and issue to be here !
Great great Itocpogo :)

+1 June 05 2015 22:38:42 TofzegritItocpogo
Thank You very much for your kind words!
June 05 2015 18:17:29
piperpiper Cool!
+1 June 05 2015 22:37:38 piperItocpogo
Thank You very much!
June 05 2015 18:14:12
TG_StratTG_Strat you are right, its a nice track! and Wikiloops does not allow to upload more than 6 re-mixes...
+1 June 05 2015 22:37:01 TG_StratItocpogo
Yes, now I know can't upload a 7th remix. Thanks!

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