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Been a while & i still had a couple of jams of Wade playing with me waiting to be uploaded. As the others before, it was recorded live in my living room but a ''slight'' off road set back prevented me from uploading it so.. here goes this slightly bossa thingy ! By the way a big heartfelt thank you to all for your warm support these last few days, i felt doubly privileged to be part of the Wikiloops Magnificent Tribe ...


June 06 2015 10:37:26
nuno1959 Thanks ZZ, glad to be back & hear from you.. ;) +0
Que maravilla+1
June 06 2015 10:38:06
nuno1959 Gracias Xavi ! ;) +0
Good stuff as always Mr. Nuno Lizardo :)+1
June 06 2015 10:49:17
nuno1959 Thanks Psy but … ouch !! don't make me chuckle, it still hurts my poor ribs… :D +1
June 06 2015 14:26:27
Psycho Let's just hope you're back in full force soon :) +1
June 06 2015 14:34:58
nuno1959 Thanks man, doctor told me to expect at least 4 to 6 weeks for semi normality : each my ribs broke at a slightly different spot !!
But hey, at least i'm home.. 1 mt away from my basses & that already feels awesome !
Thanks for posting this Nuno. Will take a while longer to dump all these tracks on these poor folks. Ha! I like the sassy attitude of this one.

Are you able to play yet?
June 06 2015 10:51:45
nuno1959 Thanks Wade !! i think i still have a couple to post here..
As for playing well… i can play dominoes if i REALLY set my mind to it but it will come !! :D
June 07 2015 19:44:12
Wade I thought you beyond playing by the numbers. +1
Very Cool !!+1
June 06 2015 10:52:13
nuno1959 Thanks Cody.. ;) +1
Absolutely adorable, nuno! I imagine myself slung back into an easy chair, glass of Champagne in my hand swaying with the sound of your electrifying vibes echoing around the room!+1
again perfect morning with you awesome track:)+1
June 06 2015 10:53:06
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks bro, very happy to know that.. ;) +1
Wow! Nice Nuno and Wade! :D+1
June 06 2015 10:53:59
nuno1959 Thank you so much Piper, glad you enjoyed it & much appreciated ! ;) +0
WOW!! that´s great+1
June 06 2015 10:54:35
nuno1959 Thank you so much AK, cheers ;) +0
Very coooooooouuul :D+1
June 06 2015 10:55:34
nuno1959 Danke schon meine freund !! ;) +0
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