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This is a remix of my earlier track plus the vocal track from Pico which he sent me separately, plus the second solo added at the end. I feel the vocals and text are much more present - so I changed the song name, too. Thanks Simmerdown, Nuno, Ausmusic and Pico for your tracks and help!! We should do this again soon! Cheers, TG
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hip hop, hiphop, riddim, blues, incivanpico, triphop


It is built well and that unwinds alone. I appreciate all your interventions a lot.+3
I was allowed surprise. Cool TG :)+2
June 06 2015 20:55:58
TeeGee Thanks mate :) +1
That's really good. I was surprised by this too. (just because i'm not a hip hop guy), but this isn't hip hop the way I think of it. This is nice. I think you did a great job!+2
June 06 2015 21:05:16
TeeGee Thanks Girard. Yes it leans more towards trip hop, and I can only play blues based solos - so it is a mixture of all styles :P +2
June 06 2015 21:07:25
Girard You're welcome. To be clear, I like it. It is hip hop I normally don't like. If it sounded like hip hop, I probably wouldn't like it :) +0
Great TG, Fine work you did.πŸ‘πŸ‘ The vocals are greatπŸ‘πŸ‘ Great collaboration Love this one!! Thumbs for all of youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘+2
June 06 2015 21:32:12
TeeGee Thanks Franky :) +1
Thanks Buddy!:) this is Great m8!, I'd never done HipHop before!...but its just Bluez wid a street twist!:D.....we gonna do more! 4 sure TG hehe!:)+1
sehr sehr gut geworden, das Gesamtwerk :)+1
June 06 2015 21:35:01
TeeGee Danke Akchen :D +0
Wow TG, this mix is friggin' AWESOME !!
You got Pico's wonderful voice sound like a million dollars & then added this gorgeous & smoking hot guitar solos &..
What a thrill to be part of this, this is playlisted buddy - many thanks !! :D :D
June 06 2015 21:34:34
TeeGee Thanks Nuno - thank you for the great bass track!! +1
Really beautiful work !+1
Fantastic TG+1
June 06 2015 22:10:34
TeeGee Thanks Ivax :) +0
Really cool track here all...Not my cup of tea musically speaking (usually), but you guys drew me in. That's good stuff. Well done!+1
June 07 2015 00:11:36
TeeGee Thanks for listening Dan, appreciate it :) +0

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