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Hey OliV, add Blondie, I hope I have stung your intention. Have tried every part to give its own color. Only the last part I have nothing added. Certainly not without some mistakes, although with huge fun! This one is a really difficult piece and the different rhythem styles maked me confuse.... but no risk, no fun. Thank very much you both for this awesome music !!!


perfect Franky:)+1
June 07 2015 08:36:42
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank very much Lenny‼️ It was very difficult, but it is dividiert in 6⃣ parts so I had enough time to test what fits and recorded it, and than the next part.😊😊 +1
sehr schöne Ergänzung :)+1
June 07 2015 09:02:33
frankyguitar Hallo akchen, Dankeschön! Have a nice day ☀️☀️☀️ +0
June 07 2015 09:04:07
frankyguitar Guten Morgen, Dankeschön akchen! Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag ☀️☀️☀️ +0
schööön ...👍 Love it+1
June 07 2015 09:16:12
frankyguitar Vielen lieben Dank chris! War für mich nicht einfach, hat aber um so mehr Spaß gemacht. Umso besser wenn es Dir gefällt! 😊😊 +0
glad you had fun really :)+1
June 07 2015 09:53:04
frankyguitar Merci OliV ! 😀😀 +1
No fear! You dare and I can feel the fun you have!
Bravo Franky very nice jam
June 07 2015 18:17:33
frankyguitar Hey Tof, thank you very much. Always my pleasure to read your comments!! 😊😊 +0
A great add by franky well done all+1
June 07 2015 18:20:38
frankyguitar Thank you Lairdy, I'm very glad you like it! 😊😊 +0
GREAT !!+1
June 07 2015 18:23:44
frankyguitar Thank you Cody, nice to read your kind comment! 😊😊 +1
Sehr coole und rockige addition, Franky :)+1
June 08 2015 06:57:52
frankyguitar Danke Dir sehr pk‼️ Freue mich das Du vorbeigeschaut hast 😀😀 +0
Sounds great franky... how did I miss this ? I think it's one of your best :)+1
September 02 2015 21:20:10
frankyguitar Thanks a lot Psycho! Have it developt by a couple of ours! But I don't be able to play it without a f..... mistake! That makes me frustated.....well that's life.... +1
September 02 2015 21:23:40
Psycho I have have mistakes in everything I do. Sometimes the mistakes work in our favor, and many times only you know it's a mistake, so never let mistakes get in your way. If you were perfect then you would probably have nothing to do :) +2
September 02 2015 21:44:52
ivax you're right, Psych, I also have errors, and again tracks many times until choose the more I like, at the same time that I correct the errors I learn and practice +2
Hey Franky, in this you put feeling and colorful, good job+1
September 02 2015 21:53:39
frankyguitar Hey xavi, thanks a lot- for your Kind words and for your bottom up thougts for me my friend:) +0

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