The Pharoahs' Crown

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How many drummers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, they have a machine to do that now. LOL Just kidding ... ;)

Don't worry, it happened to bassists in the 80s with the popularity of the synth. (And it still happens with busy keyboardists, today.)

Uploaded in HD so a real drummer can step in if wanted.


June 20 2015 04:13:12
rp3drumsrp3drums Real nice, but I'd say...
"dont quit your bass job!" :-)

+1 June 20 2015 04:38:27 rp3drumsDannyK
Agreed! ;)
June 08 2015 04:10:35
RickplayerRickplayer cool drum beat

June 07 2015 14:21:12
PsychoPsycho You had to have drums before bass right :) Nice one thanks for the gig !!

June 07 2015 08:48:37
AKchenAKchen that develops awesome :)

June 07 2015 05:44:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very well colleague:)

June 07 2015 04:23:15
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic is all i can say
+1 June 07 2015 04:27:55 onewholeftDannyK
Thanks, Keith!
June 07 2015 04:15:56
mpointonmpointon I really like this drum line, Danny. It seemed, initially, oddly out of context but after a few bars blended in really well. :)
+1 June 07 2015 04:17:52 mpointonDannyK
Thanks, Not a drummer, so you know ... only do what feels right.
June 07 2015 04:18:57 mpointonmpointon
I really like it. As I said, I thought 'eh?' for a couple of bars then after that, it sat really naturally.

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