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Did a mix with kellyannewolfe vocals


Wow! Kellyanne that's some voice u got!:) awesome song! it!;)+2
good job Rick:)+1
Delicious Rick!!
You have a license for use that voice?
It's just a curiosity
June 07 2015 15:48:09
Rickplayer I took the track Kellyanne tried to upload but couldn't get it uploaded and mixed it into the 1st track +1
the slap back on the guitar is very perturbing ... mis alignment ? doesn't come from Kellyanne's mix ...+1
June 07 2015 16:04:19
OliVBee yes i thought so ;) +1
June 07 2015 16:04:37
Rickplayer you are right Oli tried to mix kellyanne's track with the original track off just a little +1
June 07 2015 16:12:02
OliVBee there's not much you can do without the vocal stem ;) +1
June 07 2015 16:19:51
OliVBee this could take pages to explain why this was not necessarily a good idea ... fact is superposing two tracks with the same take (guitar) is very tricky mostly because of the phasing effect : this can lead to a frequency nightmare => i am not goin there :) +1
June 07 2015 16:21:30
Rickplayer Agree +1
Wow what a voice, lovely guitar work, great track!+1
nice recording. good vocals by Kelly -- Gator+1
Very Great Song ‼️‼️ Love it😀😀+1
Omg., hey guys I just finally was able to see all this! Wonderful. Love it love it!
Thank you for the kindness. I just am so in love with all the wiki-you's lol.
I am a singer/ writer but can't play an instrument very well, so you all have no idea how great fun I am to be able to materialize my lyrics . Again, ty.
Really nice. Impressive vocals for sure.+1
gran idea para hacer una gran cancion
voz y guitarra ok¡¡

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