A New Beginning

Remix step #2 (playing)
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Haffast149 jams Supporter
+ 23
Beautiful track already that will become an instant classic once the right person adds vocals to it. Until that happens, I did this to it. ;)


April 10 2016 15:33:43
Great, really nice work here, Keys for sure are firts class, and guitar work is truly awesome, really like the softness shared here by both....
+1 April 10 2016 17:03:42 SJD Haffast
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that. Anything and everything Marc plays is absolutely stunning.

If you ever want to find a gorgeous piano composition to pay along with, this is the place! :)
November 19 2015 18:02:18
+1 November 19 2015 20:11:18 TEE-KWA Haffast
Thank you SO much! :)
July 15 2015 05:13:10
Dont know how I missed this one.
Haf, this is superb playing !!
Bravo mate !! :)

+2 July 15 2015 05:43:11 RobM Haffast
Thanks Rob! This one was tough because I tried so hard to NOT go crazy.

I've always said it takes more talent to play slow and deliberate... I don't do either very well. Ha ha ha! :)
June 09 2015 21:00:13
Very cool H. I had my version of this "done" twice before I scrapped it all and redid it totally. lol So I know what you mean about the outtakes...Marcs playing is like a giant awesome mountain full of amazingness so we both had our work cut out for us but i think we put a couple of really nice pathways up that mountain....in other words...nice work. ;)
+2 June 10 2015 02:54:57 KellsBells Haffast
Thank you Kells! I REALLY appreciate that! Your version was an equal match to the beauty of his playing - well done!

i have a bad habit of wanting to attack every song and solo with the Fury, so it was tough trying to hold back play smooth, and still be happy with the 473rd take
June 15 2015 18:04:00 KellsBells Davnel99
I hear you loud and clear. I won't touch this song. It would be like adding an outhouse to a Michelangelo painting.
June 16 2015 13:13:39 KellsBells Haffast
Hahaha! Nice!
June 09 2015 17:46:03
Beautiful melody, friend Haffast
+1 June 10 2015 02:53:18 ivax Haffast
Thank you Ivax. I wish I had more themes that repeated. There was one part that I kept trying to tie it together with, but this was a tough one. I'm glad you enjoyed the melody though!
June 09 2015 14:02:54
That was beautifully played HF, just gorgeous..
Well done !! ;)

+1 June 10 2015 02:52:14 nuno1959 Haffast
Thank you so much Nuno!It was a challenge, but that is what I as going for. Marc's piano made it sound better than it really was. ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it though. I don't do gorgeous very well haha!
June 09 2015 10:18:04
Incredible playing!:)...very nice Haf m8!;)...love your Guitar sound man!
+1 June 10 2015 02:50:48 incivanpico Haffast
Thank man! I was struggling to find a good tone for this one, but I think this came out ok. it sounds better when it isn't as distorted, but I don't... hahahah! ;)
June 09 2015 09:16:35
Amazing playing mate, beautiful, nice solo, nice bendings, tone, everything...
+1 June 10 2015 02:49:35 Guadaña Haffast
Thanks man! I was hoping to make it sound a little prettier than usual. Part of that meant thinking it though - something I don't do very well... glad you liked it though! Thanks again! :)
June 09 2015 08:55:42
I tip my hat, great tune...
+1 June 10 2015 02:48:19 Acousticeg Haffast
Thanks a lot Acoustic! Aside from it taking too long, I'm happy with how it turned out, so I really do appreciate the feedback. :)
June 09 2015 08:40:45
+1 June 10 2015 02:47:11 onewholeft Haffast
Thank you Lairdy! I really appreciate it! :)

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