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Marceys requested this kind of groove based on a band he sent me links to. First off, the band in question are just awesome. Not fair. At all. Secondly, this was really, really hard to record with no reference music. In the end, I found a funky template on the 'Loops, downloaded it, adjusted it to the tempo I wanted and played along to give me something to work against. It really helped. There are three sections. All pretty much ...
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great as always+1
Yeah always a great sound and then some+1
Heard the added version first… that comment applies ;)+1
Great drumming Martin! It is very hard for drummers to record a track without any reference of an other instrument! Think you have to get some kind of song in your head.... You made a very good track here! Gonna try something the moment I'm behind the keys again! cheerzzz+1
June 09 2015 21:29:18
mpointon It was weird. I knew the groove to play but I just couldn't do it without some kind of reference. And the reference I used changed what I played. Very frustrating. +1
June 09 2015 22:45:10
Marceys no frustration please! It's a great track! +1
June 09 2015 23:14:10
mpointon It's ok - frustration was short-lived :) +0
Hey I really, really want to use these in one of my tracks! It's to be published on Spotify and I'm more than happy to write you down as a featured artist in the title if you're ok with it!+1
August 30 2016 00:08:49
mpointon Hi JeanMarc - as long as I and Wikiloops are credited, I'm more than happy for you to do that. +0
September 17 2016 17:02:59
JeanMarc Of course! I'm jusr about to publish so was wondering how you'd like your name to appear. The track is called Riding Time and so will show up as 'Riding Time (ft. mpointon)'. Unless you want your name or something else? Please get in touch ASAP, really excited to get the track out there and show it to you! +1
September 18 2016 01:37:56
mpointon Thanks JeanMarc. My name is Martin Pointon so that'd be perfect. Please credit Wikiloops too. Looking forward to it. :) +0
October 07 2016 01:03:52
JeanMarc https://youtu.be/J1MkSov9YjM
Enjoy :)
Excellent M !!+0
very good drums man ! :)+0
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