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I've been working out in the garden and the words to this song keep running through my mind. It's not a very good recording because the tape was damaged and I had to remix portions of it to make it sound at least half way decent. Thank you for listening.


May 21 2016 12:21:58
StellaStella One of my favourite hymns. I love the old crackle and pop sounds mixed with the new sequencer, vocals are good too, very Elvis-esque in a female way, thanks for sharing.

June 11 2015 22:46:08
FrankMilFrankMil I love the fact there was a tape involved. So old school. a lovely hymn woven in so well in this.
+1 June 12 2015 09:49:03 FrankMilMarianne
Thank you so very much, Frank! :)
June 11 2015 06:42:36
GirardGirard I had a great response, but the translator would play games, so just let me say that was great, it brought back complex situations and memories.
+1 June 12 2015 09:48:13 GirardMarianne
Oh, I relate, Girard. God is a mysterious God, and we only have finite minds! Thank you for your kind response. :)
June 10 2015 05:17:20
RobMRobM Goosebumps from start to finish !! :) A truly wonderful song ! :)
+1 June 10 2015 11:04:31 RobMMarianne
Same here, Rob! Thank you so much for your great response! :)
June 10 2015 00:37:12
MarianneMarianne Thank you, Paidra, for taking the time to post this beautiful hymn of God's greatness in the midst of the struggles of life right now! I love it! :)

June 09 2015 23:52:09
PsychoPsycho Fine singing allgirl :)
+1 June 10 2015 00:27:20 PsychoMarianne
Thank you so much for your fine response, Psycho! :)
June 09 2015 23:05:04
ROBJOLROBJOL Fantastic indeed and very mooving.
+1 June 10 2015 00:24:15 ROBJOLMarianne
Thank you for your fantastic response, Rob! :)
June 09 2015 22:02:46
LieschingLiesching Fantastic song! Compliments Paidra! :)
+1 June 10 2015 00:21:53 LieschingMarianne
It is indeed, Marc! And thank you so much for your heartfelt compliment to Paidra! :)
June 09 2015 22:02:02
cody trippcody tripp Made me think of my Dad. This was his favorite song. He made sure we played it at his funeral 30 years ago. very cool !!
+1 June 10 2015 00:20:25 cody trippMarianne
Yes, one of those great hymns the younger generation of Christians can only dream of! Thank you you so much, cody! :)
June 09 2015 21:47:36
AnneCozeanAnneCozean your half way decent sounds SO GOOD!
such passion and depth of feeling.
how wonderfully great you art! :)

+1 June 10 2015 00:23:11 AnneCozeanMarianne
I couldn't agree with you more, Anne! Thank you so much for your great response to Paidra! :)

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