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Frank put out a shout to put something on this track of his. It has a nice groove to it but I unfortunately could only grab a few minutes in my recording room to do it so it's somewhat jammed. Went for a dance beat rather than a jazz beat (the jazz beats I briefly tried didn't sit right). Sorry it's a bit hurried, Frank! I hope it's OK.



April 02 2016 17:07:59
MarceysMarceys Very very cool! Groove all over! :)

June 15 2015 00:37:38
chrisbasschrisbass great

June 12 2015 23:10:33
WadeWade Yea, you've got this groove nailed.

June 11 2015 02:41:48
RobMRobM Bang on ! Great groove M :)

June 10 2015 22:02:24
FrankMilFrankMil that's a really cool beat Martin, it is just the right feel I was imagining.
Sorry about the tempo, I laid down my track at 185bpm to stay tight but it's really half of that. must have been tough lining that up up on a grid. Did a great job!!

+1 June 11 2015 02:43:02 FrankMilmpointon
No worries, Frank. I just thought with the tempo doubled you wanted a more up-tempo jazzy pattern. But I couldn't make it work so resorted what felt right instead :)
June 10 2015 21:45:19
CharleyCharley Good stuff!

June 10 2015 20:07:45
PsychoPsycho excellent M !!

June 10 2015 18:22:36
DrumshticksDrumshticks All those ghosts running about /spiced just right Martin .D
+1 June 11 2015 02:44:28 Drumshticksmpointon
Yeah. There's a few too many ghosts in there, for sure! Overplaying is one habit I need to kill.
June 11 2015 13:27:47 DrumshticksDrumshticks
Oh man you must have read the first chapter in my drum playing manual "when pressed for creativity and balance ,overplay instead".Suffer from it having the same diagnosis. D
June 11 2015 16:01:54 Drumshticksmpointon
It's frustrating. I know I do it, don't notice when playing then listen back going, "I wish I hadn't done that!" The pop template I did was a concerted effort to prove to myself I can behave! But I had to think about it!
June 10 2015 17:45:01
GrathyGrathy Nice groove!

June 10 2015 17:20:36
aduadu yes, good soulful playing very nice :)


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