Your Smile (Vocals!)

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Last time I did this was... a long long time ago
But here, I have learned... we dare !
Even if I have an old old bad mic

Dedicated to the love of my life... when she smiles :)

Forgive my voice and I hope my English written & spoken lyrics are right!
And I have to learn how to let some space for solo


December 30 2015 12:42:28
incivanpicoincivanpico Fantastic!:) so very cool to hear you m8...don't stop singing Tof!. I Love the lyrics a lot!
+1 December 30 2015 14:27:53 incivanpicoTofzegrit
Merci! It must come alone to me. The 4 vocals tracks I did, words come to me so easy... The last one was just backing with Marceys with his own lyrics :)
December 30 2015 15:54:18 incivanpicoincivanpico
My Inci always said" Let it Come From Itself!"....she is always perfect...when you push>it pulls....but as your guitar vocal will blend and da harmony exist....just trust m8;)

Bonne Anne'e mon ami:)
December 30 2015 16:44:47 incivanpicoTofzegrit
Bonne année💜🎶
December 28 2015 16:46:08
frenziefrenzie You gave me homework chris to listen to you singing, ;) very nice job Mr Tof you keep on giving us :)

October 13 2015 21:57:22
CarpenterCarpenter :D you have a very sympathetic voice, Tof!
+1 October 13 2015 22:26:03 CarpenterTofzegrit
Merci !
September 10 2015 00:48:11
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens great Tof ! Well done....encore!

August 31 2015 22:21:17
RelativityRelativity You rule, Chris. I concede...

July 27 2015 19:11:03
aleonzaleonz ahaaaaaaa!!!! I found thisssss finally ! oh I agree with with everything Kelly said! this is so cool Tof!!! I bet madame Tof smile a whole day when she heard this song at the first time...lovely!!!
+1 July 27 2015 19:47:49 aleonzTofzegrit
🎶🎶 S h y 🎶🎶
July 24 2015 04:20:59
KellsBellsKellsBells I don't want to hear about a bad mic. I did my first 8 uploads with a guitar hero mic. Lol no excuses anymore. You CAN sing and we know it. ;)
+1 July 24 2015 04:29:14 KellsBellsTofzegrit
easy for me cause I'm already a guitar hero ;)
Merci Kelly (shy)
July 10 2015 18:05:21
AnneCozeanAnneCozean "Your smile is my new ride" - favorite line! this music is easy to listen to - nice job there, Chris. but it's the vocal that captures - because it's really YOU, and it's really YOUR love we're hearing about. by the end of the tune, i know your sweetie's gonna love it as much as i do. ;) neat jazzy flavored finish. bravo, Brother!
+1 July 10 2015 22:28:36 AnneCozeanTofzegrit
Your Words are on my side, Your words are in my mind...
I know it is not perfect but I'm glad that you feel it like this Anne, I'm proud to be your brother!
o°Oo° merci beaucoup
June 13 2015 02:37:46
onewholeftonewholeft Cool mate - guess im sacked HU !!!!!
+1 June 13 2015 02:45:35 onewholeftTofzegrit
It's just a try between us :) but for sure I had fun.
Merci Lairdy
June 11 2015 20:20:14
barkndogbarkndog hop hop hop > sing sing sing :)

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