Sadness (w Fretless)

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Pit Brett, who is such a nice guy :), kindly lent me one of his fretless babies, so i just had to put something together... i am new to the whole bass playing, but it's lots of fun. :D


The two of you live close enough to share instruments! Wish I lived there as you are two of my favorite players. So good to be playing and trying new instruments and seeing the (musical) world in a different way. Well done!+4
June 15 2015 11:09:39
hurzel Yeah, it's great to live that close and to be able to jam together live :) will you attend the meeting in urft again this year? Would be great to play with you live again - I enjoyed that very much! +1
nice sound ! hope you'll keep at it : sounds promising !! ;)+2
June 14 2015 00:47:24
hurzel thanks, i'll try my best :) +1
Du hast auch vor nichts Angst! ;) Cool gespielt, hurzel+2
Typisch Hurzel Style. wonderful!!! Great work from all. :)+1
June 14 2015 00:49:28
hurzel Danke! :) Sieht man sich in Urft wieder? :D +1
June 14 2015 00:56:31
adu Aber sicher ! ;) Ich freu mich. :) +0
wunderbare Softness :)+1
I have to get one I'm thinking ! It sounds like it singing man fantastc+1
so fast, so beautiful.. very good! :)
agree with OliV!!
June 14 2015 00:48:19
Pit Brett
hurzel Danke! Ohne dich wäre das gar nicht möglich ;) +1
June 14 2015 00:49:41
Pit Brett
Pit Brett früher oder später schon :) +1
A beautiful "singing" bass, great start!+1
Fabulous !!+1
Nice one man!!!+1

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