Green grow the rashes, Oh.

Remix step #5 (playing)


WanHu48 jams Supporter
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To celebrate CK Armstrong's Ayrshire roots, here is another attempt to grunt my way through some selected Robert Burns material. I've got another 3 on the back burner and, to put myself under pressure, promise to record them by next January for his 257th birthday. If you need to translate this, please don't use google. I've been told that there are some decent German translations of this song and probably other languages as well..

On a side note, It's a very enlightened view of women for its time. I've always liked the word "lassie" as there are no pejorative connotations


September 23 2015 17:48:32
PulsbeaterPulsbeater Good Job, Well done!
+0 October 07 2015 15:13:22 PulsbeaterWanHu
Thanks a lot Pulsbeater.
September 18 2015 05:17:42
Anno_Nym2Anno_Nym2 I have much love for it ... :)
+0 October 07 2015 15:14:03 Anno_Nym2WanHu
You're very kind, thanks a lot.
June 14 2015 12:06:38
CKArmstrongCKArmstrong Loving the Burns lyrics. Gave me some goosebumps. Great job.
+0 June 14 2015 12:23:52 CKArmstrongWanHu
Thanks. Hopefully, by the time "Ae fond kiss" comes along, we'll have you on your knees, weeping.
June 14 2015 10:13:09
MarceysMarceys Cool vocals WanHu!!
+0 June 14 2015 12:27:33 MarceysWanHu
Thanks, to all who played on this. It's when you immerse yourself in a track like this, that you appreciate the musicianship involved. I did think of throwing in some guitar work, but thought ..nah.
June 14 2015 03:01:36
WanHuWanHu Thanks all. And can anyone tell me how to get rid of that buzz, without spending a fortune?
+1 June 14 2015 10:13:29 WanHuMarceys
How do you record your vocals?
June 14 2015 12:12:16 WanHuWanHu
Shure 58 mic, bottom of the market lexicon alpha interface and mixcraft 6. The studio doubles as a dining/family room.
June 14 2015 12:31:55 WanHuWanHu
I've got a big IKEA corner cupboard with a desktop and valve combi amp. I also use domestic headphones to monitor and mix.
June 13 2015 18:40:48
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool

June 13 2015 16:55:06
cody trippcody tripp VERY COOL !!!

June 13 2015 16:25:08
OliVBeeOliVBee cool lyrics :) glad you had fun with the song !


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