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Live unrehearsed recording with Glez Bass. A rough start (gets better) in a small room using the Zooms' own little microphones. Buzz from the drum kit's snare can be heard...lots of technical stuff to listen through/ignore and hear the beauty and passion of our Glez Bass' playing at his ease. Such a special treat for me being able to go around and experience our wonderful players in Portugal and Spain.


Mate, you doing your own Wiki World Tour or something heheh ;)
Very nice work this ... Nice chilled vibe about it :)
June 14 2015 22:39:07
Wade Yes, that was sort of the idea. Same thing happened last year and was the excuse for the get together at Urft. Hopefully we can encourage people to meet up and make the connections a bit more "real". "Who says the internet drives people apart?" +1
June 15 2015 02:04:19
RobM Great idea ! I think we can call this one WWWT - Wade's Wiki World Tour ;) +1
Lenny Cowler
Again a very nice affair:)+2
June 14 2015 22:39:30
Lenny Cowler
Wade Affair? Don't tell my wife! +3
Nice...I've heard some pretty good stuff on Zoom's. This has a good "live" sound...well played my friend :)+1
June 14 2015 22:25:11
Wade Thanks Mark. Yea, it's a Zoom in da Room and not very well set up as we were expecting the rest of the band shortly. +1
June 15 2015 04:36:47
Fishinmissio It's all good :) +0
Nothing like a live Jam I envy you guys it's so hard here in my little town of Ballarat to find people to jam with ! Well done it sounds like you had a lot of fun+1
June 14 2015 22:29:27
Wade Nothing to envy, I have the same problem (or worse) in Malanda (pop. 3,000?). You got to go to where the people are you want to play with. Don't wait! You're an old codger like me...and we can't expect them to come to us. +1
Really great jam guys. Well done...+1
June 14 2015 22:30:00
Wade Thanks Glennup. Kind of you to listen and comment. +1
Amazing performance both of you & i must confess i LOVE the result of recording this way :
It may not be '' as perfect'' as through line ins but.. it conveys a whole other feel about the jam !!
This is so cool guys.. ;)
June 14 2015 22:37:07
Wade Thanks Nuno. I prefer having it all plugged in to get a bit of control so that editing is more possible (not that its that much better with all the bleed). But yea, sometimes the fly on the wall warts and all approach conveys a bit more. Another one to come that also has some major flaws (if you're into that). +1
Very nice mood, Wade. Your sax sings about a light summerday. :)+1
June 14 2015 22:41:46
Wade Yea, that's about right! Beautiful countryside, temperature around 28 degrees. Meeting up to play music with friends you haven't really met...life can be worse. +0
June 14 2015 23:12:41
pkliesch Marvelous! +0
lovely !+1
June 14 2015 22:44:25
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Not a technically interesting track, but put on a cheap microphone and join in with the lo-fi gang. +0
June 14 2015 22:55:28
OliVBee ahheeemmm i dun have a cheap microphone :s +1
June 14 2015 22:57:55
Wade Well that's easy to fix! +1
Pit Brett
I go with Rob, Lenny... where will you be next on your world-tour?+1
June 14 2015 22:47:31
Pit Brett
Wade May be back in Europe next year. Who's got: 1. the time, 2. a bed ready and 3. a place to play?

(#2 not mandatory, but 1 and 3 are!)

We've also got Australia and New Zealand on offer. Haddock has been here!
June 14 2015 23:36:55
Pit Brett
Pit Brett 3 Problems, but solutions are possible :) +0
oh yes, that's so good....+1
June 14 2015 22:48:16
Wade Thanks Jablue. I know that you are a jam man, so get this. +0

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