Zerbrechlich und Fragil

Czech Republic
acoustic Guitar & Guitar:
Martyman11 jams
Czech Republic
Lenny Cowler1049 jams
Uloisius730 jams
step III
Keys & Violin:
Liesching131 jams

available remixes:

+ 30
Great newcomer Martyman, fabulous Lenny and the one and only Uloisius created such a beautiful song! Couldn´t resist to add piano and strings. Respected Ulis singing, it is perfect as it is!


Absolutely Brilliant. Beautiful !!!! Playlisted. This is the kind of performance that I crave on Wikiloops. A thousand thumbs to Martyman, Lenny Cowler, Uloisius, and Liesching.+3
June 15 2015 23:40:49
Liesching Thanks a bundle, Master Cody! Your fabulous guitar solo honored this beautiful piece! Grateful for that! :) +1
I think you just turned this into a top 10 hit :)+2
June 15 2015 23:48:35
Liesching Thank you very much, Mr. Psy! :) +1
Nice one+1
June 15 2015 23:32:08
Liesching Thanks jm! :) +0
This song 🎶 is amazing and you are so beautiful with others too.
Bravo Marc
June 15 2015 23:48:02
Liesching Merci Monsieur Hop hop hop! :) Happy you liked it Christoph! :) +1
great arrangements ! love your soft touch :)+1
Was für eine wundervolle Dreingabe!! Great Marc! Bravo 👏👏👏+1
June 15 2015 23:46:47
Liesching Danke lieber Franky. Komme hoffentlich bald mal wieder zu einem ruhigen Moment, um Deine neuen Schmuckstücke anzuhören. Zur Zeit ist wirklich landunter und ich bin fast nur auf Reisen :o +1
June 16 2015 04:52:36
frankyguitar Och, das ist aber nicht schön. Immer aus dem Koffer zu leben ist unerquicklich. Man kommt zu nix, alles bleibt liegen und türmt sich für den nächsten Landurlaub. Ich hoffe das Du bald wieder zur Ruhe kommst... 😊😊 +1
Great Music here! You Guys should played on Radio :)+1
June 15 2015 23:45:36
Liesching Danke Dir, adu!!!! :) +0
Wow!!! Great add:) I ´m very very pleased for your awesome add, Thanks a lot my friend:)+1
June 15 2015 23:45:22
Lenny Cowler
Liesching I´ll have to thank you, Lenny. You´re really a drum legend at the loops. It really was my honour to join this fabulous piece of yours! Thanks, man! :) +0
June 16 2015 04:48:59
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler oh thank you for the compliment,but I'm just an ordinary guy who loves to play:) +0
Respekt Marc dieser add passt so fantastisch, einfach großartig.
Vielen Dank dafür ;o)
June 15 2015 23:39:03
Liesching Danke Uli! Dieser Song ist so sehr Du! Ich liebe dieses Stück und höre es rauf und runter :) +0
Beautiful song, according to those wonderful notes,Marc+1
June 15 2015 23:37:52
Liesching Muchas gracias, my friend! :) +1

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