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Time for a break from all that sopranino stuff. Had a play with Gerhard the other day. Here's a track from that meeting. Gerhard is on Tenor guitar I'm on Tenor sax. Funky spacy stuff...maybe a homage to Ornette? Another live jam that's "warts and all".


June 20 2015 21:37:29
Gerhard's "bee dum BLATT bee dum BLATT" pattern is so cool - and your response is fantastic.
i was mesmerized by the first 40 seconds - amazed by how you can have such presence with such a soft touch on that sax.
1:21 - 1:28 - loved that - such soulfulness tinged with a little sad, my favorite combo.
1:50's vibrato-less sustain was great!
2:14 the sibling voice was so effective - especially on the lovely waterfalls of sound sections.
at 3:00, i'm back to mesmerized. your collective warts are wonderful, Wade. love this. :) ps: title is divine...8)

+1 June 23 2015 00:19:49 AnneCozean Wade
Wow what a review! Thanks. I don't anyone listens with as much intent as you. Very much appreciated...makes me hear stuff I didn't even know was there!!! What do I know...just playing in the moment of the live jam.
June 16 2015 19:58:38
coool it
+1 June 17 2015 22:23:41 chrisbass Wade
Thanks Chrisbass. Yea, definitely going for the cool. Thanks.
June 15 2015 14:57:24
Ha ha...You say some of the stuff I play to is difficult..:) Very nice Wade!
+1 June 17 2015 22:22:55 Fishinmissio Wade
Difficult? Very easy playing...just difficult head-space.
June 15 2015 11:49:53
you know i like your impro sessions ! you two have a way with unexpected renditions :)
+1 June 17 2015 22:22:18 OliVBee Wade
Thanks OliVBee. Hey, if we can't do good...we can always do different!
June 15 2015 08:43:27
absolutly cool music, greetings to Gerhard ;o)
+1 June 17 2015 22:21:40 Uloisius Wade
Thanks Uli, will tell Gerhard...maybe he'll check in himself as I told him it's been posted.
June 15 2015 08:36:07
Nice jam from you and Gerhard!
+1 June 17 2015 22:20:56 SlonMusic Wade
Thanks Steve. It's odd, but then...we are!
June 15 2015 05:34:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 June 17 2015 22:20:22 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny
June 15 2015 02:01:10
That cool greasy sound I so like !! :) Another great jam from you two :)
+1 June 17 2015 22:20:10 RobM Wade
Very kind Rob. I'm still hoping that we can have a live jam sometime.
June 19 2015 01:42:44 RobM RobM
I'm sure it will happen one day :)
June 15 2015 01:37:22
Very cool... a slow walker :)
+1 June 17 2015 22:19:32 Psycho Wade
Yes, got a limp as well! Getting old, everything slows down.
June 14 2015 23:33:50
eres un maestro de la improvisación,Bravo Wade
+1 June 15 2015 01:08:47 ivax Wade
No es un maestero, pero trato de mantener mi parte de la conversación. Si usted tocar con la sensación entonces eso es bueno también. Si no recuerdo mal que no eres mala en estas cosas también!

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