Scarem Harem No COMP (MasterK)

Remix step #2
United States

Drums & Bass:

Psycho716 jams Supporter
Remix step #6 (playing)
United States


MasterK76 jams Supporter
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Hey all,

Yes it is completely tough with just a stereo mix track. Almost futile. :)

Can't do what I normally would do.

That being said, here is the track without final compander.
A compander is Comp/Limiter w/ Expander.
Please note, without it, it is not as loud.
All I did is turn off the compander.
This normalizes the track for volume when in use, I run it up to -.3 right next to zero.

I know I say compression in the sentence when I explain what I do to the tracks.
Most people don't know what a Compander is.. So I use compression to explain it.
If next time you guys put up your individual tracks, I may be able to do a lot more.
And yes Dana, I was going for more bright with your guitar lead.
And the bass was too hot. And the drums were buried already.
Still, I like the track as you guys did it.


June 16 2015 17:51:22
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho

June 16 2015 01:45:05
cool Sounding track

June 15 2015 21:55:09
Il TelloIl Tello
Yes it is completely tough with just a stereo mix track. Almost futile.
Sure it's very absurd, and very pejorative every digital processing, with this kind of audio quality. But tha datas are so few that isn't appreciable in anywhere

June 15 2015 19:53:33
Yes this is better than the one you did before, but as you said, you can't do too much if you haven't got the HD tracks - so it sounds as if it is getting cut at the top or hitting the limiter. But, it's a good track!!


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