was hard to keep the bass silence on this (wanna driiiive *g*))

United States
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step III
bassap44 jams
no additional instruments available so far
post your remix!
+ 19
I´ve got new boxes - but now my pc is making troubles - maybe the mix is not .... (you know)


I like the mix!
this tune is soooo slooo!
you can hear a bit of mp3-loss on the opened hihats sometimes, thats a bit sad, but the overall result is really good!
Good from all of you!+0
like your version also, in my mix i haved pushed the kickdrum for more bottom+0
Sounds good to me. Thanks bassap for completing this song. :) It's always a pleasure to have you aboard+0
Thx for the feedback!
@ Dick - hihats where a mix-mistake from me (I wish I could blame my PC for it :| )
@ Script - In it I have also thought, however, I dealt all hands completely to keep out too much bass of the track. This had to be also with the Bassdrum. I wanted to keep Cosimo so far as possible in the foreground. And Peter has disappeared to me anyway, unfortunately, already a little bit in the background. But thx for feedback, I know bassist (I´m too) are wantin´ a deeper sound*g*
great,great,great contribution+0
Nice bass line
Nice performance you all.
big balls tune ! some of the greatest musicians on wikiloops from all over the world in this one.
To the sound task: the mix is cool in my opinion
i love the guitar sound+0
distorção educada, bom.+0

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