Roxy Baby 2

acoustic Guitar, Sequencer & Flute:
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ROBJOL1409 jams
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Beautiful lyrics by TEE-QWA. Roxane wanted me to sing this song so I did...


Beautiful !!!!+1
super ;o)+1
Beautiful Rob as always+1
how beautiful :) with your warm & friendly voice+0
June 16 2015 13:47:11
ROBJOL Thank you friend.
I hope we collaborate again. I love your voice.
Excellent singing Rob. I'd suggest a creative remix and it would be pro quality :)+0
June 16 2015 19:38:43
ROBJOL Thank you friend
To be able to do that I think I would need a Psycho...
whatever Roxane wants, Roxane gets - and so do we!
David's lyrics always come from the heart - they sound good on you, Rob. i so love your love songs - music and voice are a thoughtful, sensitive, wonderful combo.
nicely done!
June 17 2015 21:11:53
ROBJOL You are right Anne. Roxane is an inspiration and a partner.
I am really happy that David wrote words I really feel.
Thank you.
Oh my, Rob, your soulful voice and interpretation of those heartfelt lyrics are like gentle raindrops on the first blossoms of Spring, creating a perfect rainbow in the silent sky. :)+0
June 17 2015 21:09:29
ROBJOL You are so right Marianne.
Akchen's lovely voice inspired me these simple words of joy.
Thank you for your kind words.
Love the guitar work (as you'd know) amd your singing has wonderful integrity, but I've got to say that it would have been better (IMHO) without the synth. Your playing and voice are so real and clear...the synth so artificial.+0
June 18 2015 00:36:36
ROBJOL Well Wade, I am like a child with his new toys.
I like experimenting.
I appreciate your commentary. You are a source of inspiration to me and I like when people say their real appreciation.
I receive it positively.
June 18 2015 22:51:07
Wade So glad that you received this positively. I like to be honest about these things. the synth can be a marvelous tool, but can also be a distraction or uncomplimentary when matched against "real" music. +1
how wonderful!+0
September 13 2015 23:59:55
ROBJOL Thank you friend. I like this song very much.TEE-QWA wrote fine lyrics.
I did all the instruments with my Godin guitar and a synth.
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