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The second of Piper's/Girard's Robot Boy themes!

This time, just a very simple and steady beat throughout. Easy, methinks. Until I start recording and realise it's 8 minutes long! So long that I couldn't upload a 320kbps MP3 or a 16-bit wav. Main MP3 is 256kbps and the HD drums are 320kbps MP3!

Plenty of room for adds! I would've added against Girard's bass upload but the audio files wouldn't line up in Reaper so I stuck it here instead.

HD drums have ...


Pit Brett
solid drums! well done :)+1
LOL, sorry to put you through such a long track! ;)+1
June 18 2015 01:24:23
mpointon It's OK. I listened to some of it and thought, 'I'll just keep a steady beat'. Then, as I was recording I looked at my screen and saw the time at 4 minutes but the bar was only halfway! :o +1
June 18 2015 05:21:03
piper LOL :) +0
Fine fit. I do like Piper's first version better though.+2
Great drums Lorde Pointon, exactly what we needed,and thankfully you left me out of it, so I can do a proper add to this..

The other ones without drums were nice warmups, but it is so much easier for me to latch onto a real rhythm, and feel things with your drums already there :)

Can't wait til tonight!!

This is great.

Thanks Martin, I know sometimes you don't love the stuff people ask you to add to, but you always do such a great job creating a reliable beat with flair and style.
Thank goodness. I really needed drums lol..glad you did it this I can get it right+0

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