Grey Sky in Blue

step I
Pit Brett187 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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+ 20
Did this and more while try to learn to handle an mixingconsole at work.
So it was more technical test then jamming.
Sounds like recorded in church, but its intern FX.
For playback and recording I used my looper. Original I played all over Hurzels great track, used cissor to cut parts out.

HD-Track is with reverb! If you like you can cut more..


Technical test? Are you kiddin! :) Das ist super, Pit!+3
June 18 2015 00:38:31
Pit Brett :) +1
these bendings (dunno if thats what they are called on harp) are all astoundingly precise! I'm impressed.+2
June 18 2015 15:54:23
Pit Brett thank you Dick :) you are right with bendings. I hope i can improve precision ... +0
Wow, das ist echt klasse. So gefühlvoll! :)+1
June 17 2015 23:43:20
Pit Brett vielen Dank :) +0
Cool Pit! :D Like how you bend the notes.+1
June 18 2015 00:19:56
Pit Brett Thank you Piper :D +0
I want to be a technical test!
So, an arp could be play with the heart ?
That's touching me a lot inside... Thanks for the moment Peter.
June 18 2015 15:58:44
Pit Brett Merci, for this big compliment :) i think harp-sounds can touch positiv and negativ! I thaught about warnings on this track!
happy i didn`t hurt you ( need more of your jamming.... :)
super:) romantic harp :)+1
June 18 2015 15:59:59
Lenny Cowler
Pit Brett :) :) :) thank you Lenny! +1
wundervoll gespielt ...+1
June 18 2015 16:00:47
Pit Brett vielen lieben Dank :) +0
Very nice Pit!:)+1
June 18 2015 16:01:43
Pit Brett thank you very much Mishteria +1
sehr schön gemacht! dabei war es sicher schwierig, auf der harp zwischen den grundtonarten zu wechseln... ;-)+1
June 18 2015 16:06:45
Pit Brett Vielen lieben Dank für das lied und den kommentar :)
hab schon sehr oft zu deinem schönen track gespielt, geübt... sind ja schon einige unsauberkeiten in meinem spiel.
wollte mal an dieses schöne stück erinnern, damit mal jemand dazu singt, spielt..
Ist eines meiner WL-Lieblingssongs :)
fabulous nothing else required, beautiful.+1
June 18 2015 16:32:48
Pit Brett Davet :) thanx! harp wasnt required too.... :) +0

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