Spanish Dancer (Lutz&Oliv in)

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I have made a remix of this fabulous Piece with adding an arranged part of guitar I already played on this Top Track.
My main motivation was to be next to Lutz and Oliv' from our Master Class International Department :)

I still in backround with phasing ambience and riff over Bass
No more slot in the mix Tree so...

Sax by Lutz from #42128
Guitar by oliV' #42461
Guitar by Tof #40736
And of course, don't forget Cee, Weazle and Carpenter


November 09 2015 05:30:23
BigDaddyCeeBigDaddyCee with my work schedule...(I work with the developmentally disabled) I don't have as much time as I'd like to play or even just I'm glad I had time this evening to hear this....

Tof....all I can say is....splendid...


+1 November 09 2015 07:20:18 BigDaddyCeeTofzegrit
Thanks Cee !
June 22 2015 23:21:32
WadeWade Tough one...but works.

June 21 2015 14:42:20
pklieschpkliesch Super epic song, with a kind of jazzy beegees feelin in some parts. Hop, Hop, Hop for this marvelous add, Chris! :)
+1 June 22 2015 23:58:47 pklieschTofzegrit
Theme sax guitar... Delicious. Good to be behind.
June 19 2015 01:45:24
cody trippcody tripp Killer !! Playlisted
+1 June 19 2015 02:04:54 cody trippTofzegrit
Approved !
June 18 2015 23:35:46
PsychoPsycho Fine mix Tof... :)
+1 June 18 2015 23:40:16 PsychoTofzegrit
Sometimes Lucky in mixing... Merci Psy
June 18 2015 20:38:41
Pit BrettPit Brett very good mix and playing! doubling the bass works very fine :)
+1 June 18 2015 23:39:41 Pit BrettTofzegrit
Merci Peter, I like this too ;)
June 18 2015 20:11:18
CarpenterCarpenter Great, colourful blend of all the musical voices in this cool jam :)
+1 June 18 2015 23:38:23 CarpenterTofzegrit
I could not not to be there according to my previous try.
I repeat that your bassline here is very very Class Carpenter !
June 18 2015 19:32:32
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good Tof‼️ Great mix, very transparent but also very homogenous👍👍 to hear this brings me a lot of fun. Thumbs for the Band 👍👍👍
+1 June 18 2015 23:37:29 frankyguitarTofzegrit
You have not enough Thumb Franky :o
June 19 2015 06:34:25 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Cheers, LOL
June 18 2015 19:27:58
OliVBeeOliVBee man what a band !! imagine that on stage ? i'd say it would take at least 7 guys ôÔ
nice work all together and cool mix too :)

+2 June 18 2015 23:36:45 OliVBeeTofzegrit
Oh man, very glad to be here on your side :) You know how much I like this Theme.
June 18 2015 23:48:42 OliVBeeTofzegrit
Unable to upload my HD track (because of "mix" choice in adding instrument?)
June 18 2015 19:17:57
titititi Belle qualité ton mix !
+1 June 19 2015 02:02:56 titiTofzegrit
Un peu de Bol sur ce coup là (j'ai du recaler manuellement le mix d'Oliv' pour coller à ma version existante) mais étant donné la qualité de son que produit DJBee, le master était déjà excellent.
Merci mon Pti'Titi
June 19 2015 15:45:24 titititi
Mouais... En tous cas c'est du super taf Tof';)

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