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Was hoping for a dark lullaby feel with this beautiful piece of music by Marc, but I didn't come up with much. I'd LOVE to hear some of you fill up the rest of this! :)
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Unfinished, Piano, Lullaby


An Evening with John "Petrucci and Jordan Rudess" is one of my favorite CD's Great playing...+2
June 21 2015 04:45:45
Haffast Thanks! It's a beautiful classic! Obviously, I'm no Petrucci! Hahaha! +1
June 21 2015 07:03:51
Acousticeg I just posted something acoustic inspired by their music. +0
I'm with Kelly. You nailed it! Your ideas enrich this template! Thanks a bundle for your great guitar addition, H! :)+2
June 20 2015 16:15:36
Haffast Thanks you very much. That means a lot to. You have the best keys on here.

If I were half the guitarist I wish I were, there is some AMAZING music I can hear from your music. ;) :)

I don't know your particular tastes in music, but there's an album called "An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess" that is all I can ever think of when I hear you on piano. They're half of Dream Theater and it reminds me of how much potential there is in this....
Lenny Cowler
excellent play:)+1
June 20 2015 06:49:13
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks Lenny! Running out of ideas on here... ;) +1
I think you came up with a LOT! It sounds awesome! A beautiful haunting mix of dark toned keys and a wailing guitar. I think you nailed what you were going for. :)+1
June 20 2015 05:49:31
Haffast Thank you Kells! I'm feeling rusty and more than bit uninspired lately. I think my small repertoire of guitar tracks has all but run its course. Getting stale. Need a new virtuoso to get lost in perhaps. But thank you! :) +0
June 20 2015 13:48:17
KellsBells Try a different genre. I am trying all kinds o things here. Classical, blues, unplugged, jazz...step outside your comfort zone and just experiment. I told someone else on long as you play what you feel it can't be wrong. Try to let go of some of your structure and just let some stuff flow. You are blessed with some EXTREME talent. Don't give up on it. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this amazing track I found on here. ;) #38955 +1
June 20 2015 16:23:06
Haffast As much as I appreciate, it's the same music, from me, regardless of the genre and template that I play it over. I'm a six-trick pony and it's getting to where the only thing I can distinguish my playing from is the background.

With the exception of the one "off" note I kept putting in here for the dramatic effect (been listening to years of Marty Friedman), i could superimpose the rest of thus track over metal, pop, rock, classical and it still could fit.

Did you ever hear my techno/electronica tracks? lol EXACTLY! ;)

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