A wonderful dream

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A wonderful and romantic poem by Marianne. Thank you so much for this beautiful poem.


June 22 2015 03:47:41
Marianne Glad you stopped by and enjoyed, Lairdy! :) +1
June 22 2015 03:58:58
onewholeft Would you mind if i was to sing this poem ? +1
June 22 2015 04:02:04
Marianne NO!! PLEASE DO....that would be totally COOL! Please correct this wording in the 3.line:
I smiled at you, you pursed your lips;
what else was I (do to) TO DO but kiss you for
the very first time?
June 22 2015 04:02:47
Marianne NO....meaning *I do NOT mind*! :) +1

One special morning on the beach,
watching the sun rise,
memories come flooding back to me.

Nothing stands out more
than the day we first met
on the Metro Line to Arc De Triomphe
one Saturday afternoon.

You wore a white and lemon dress,
looking so pretty and cheerful,
yet when I looked into your deep
dark eyes I knew you lived in a
different world, a world of pain,
sorrow, and tears.

We slowly walked aong the Champs-
Until I broke into laughter and invited
you for a coffee in a side street café.

I smiled at you, you pursed your lips;
what else was I do to but kiss you for
the very first time?

Heaven came down, and an angel's choir
filled our souls, your heart beating in mine;
walking through the Jardin desTuileries,
then along the Seine, holding hands,
we whispered sweet nothings.

Dancing to the music pouring out into
the night, we knew this was our moment,
eternity had blessed us with the night catching
our dreams, with the sun rising out over the sea,
and our love hidden deep in the dark blue sky.
oh my, Marianne !! prompt recognize this wonderful poem ... I love robjol speaking it ... robjol: more than beautiful :)+2
June 22 2015 04:12:33
Marianne oh, I had all but forgotten this poem! Thank you, Andrea, for your sweet response to Robert's AMAZING guitar play and voice of these humble lyrics. :) +1
A wonderful dream indeed, Rob! Love it!+2
June 20 2015 22:21:48
AKchen love the poems of Marianne so much ... can´t say it with words ... :) +3
June 22 2015 04:09:27
Marianne ...but you did, Andrea...with more than words by stopping in so faithfully! :) +1
very nice ;o)+1
Fabulous work Rob !!+1
Killer Awesome !! Playlisted+1
Tears...........thank you, Rob, so much! :)+1
Fine playing and such a wonderful poem.+1
What a wonderful story!+1
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