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I really loved Buran's track and wanted to have some fun with it. I needed a fresh start to get myself back on track and this was perfect for it. This was a fun one for me to work on and hope you enjoy it half as much as I did! :)


August 05 2015 09:02:09
kennyadrykennyadry Awesome playing man! I love your use of the harmonizer. It fits perfectly..Just excellent playing :)
+1 August 05 2015 13:22:29 kennyadryHaffast
Thank you so much! I've spent a long time trying to figure out how to do harmonies that actually fit and still sound good. Sometimes I get them wrong, but I'm getting better. Slowly.

Thanks again! I think this is the best track I've done on here yet.
July 25 2015 16:52:15
ALASTORALASTOR wooaa good feeling ! just gorgeous
+1 July 25 2015 17:15:09 ALASTORHaffast
Thank you very much!!

I think this is the best track I have made on here, maybe at all... The remix I did after Mark's keyboard is the one I think is the best.

I'm really glad yo liked it! :)
June 29 2015 05:51:21
AcousticegAcousticeg I think I enjoyed as much as you...lol great listen.
+1 June 29 2015 06:33:32 AcousticegHaffast
Thank you! I really feel like this might be the best one I've done yet. Glad you liked it too!
June 21 2015 14:14:05
Davnel99Davnel99 Another super cut. Question? do you chart out your leads, so you know the counter notes to play?
+1 June 21 2015 20:12:54 Davnel99Haffast
i have always been all about making it up as I go along. over the years, I've been (rightfully) accused of being sloppy and half-assed (hence "Haffast") because i could never duplicate anything I ever played - because I never learned any of it.

i have ALWAYS loved harmonies, but couldn't do them because you can just get them "close". so, i take little sections where I might play one part i really like, then have to ACTUALLY LEARN how to play what I just played so I can do the math and figure out the proper harmony.

so, the shortest answer is yes. If I play a part I think i can match, i learn it then chart out the harmony.

the trouble is that there are a lot of licks I can't play comfortably (or quickly) from the corresponding harmony, so I run into a lot of the same patterns when I get into my "comfort zone". :)

Sorry if that was too much info. ha!
June 21 2015 21:57:38 Davnel99Davnel99
I hear you brother. I think the formula works well for you, so keep making stuff up. :)
June 21 2015 12:51:20
ivaxivax great work, very good Haff
+1 June 21 2015 14:11:26 ivaxHaffast
Thank you very much! I REALLY like this one!
June 21 2015 04:02:09
cody trippcody tripp Freakin' KILLER !!! Best thing I've heard today
+1 June 21 2015 04:07:19 cody trippHaffast
Wow! Thanks a lot Cody! Is it possible you just woke up...? Hahahaha! ;)
June 21 2015 03:07:54
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great! There`s nothing more to say:)
+1 June 21 2015 03:36:21 akethesnakerHaffast
Thanks Ake! That means a lot man! I'm really grateful for the wonderful support you guys give. Can't thank you all enough! :)
June 21 2015 03:07:08
Danalyze45Danalyze45 I have nothing but respect for both of you guys. Aaron...this is pretty magical stuff. Lots of really great technique yes, but packed with emotion on this one that really comes through. Nice work guys!
+1 June 21 2015 03:35:07 Danalyze45Haffast
Thanks a ton Dan! I've been absent lately. Needed to get going. It's video game season at my house. Playing catch up... Lol.

I was hoping for something with a little more positive energy and I'm happy with this one.

Tried some new stuff out and am going to try it more on the future. Trying to get clever...

The last track I did need some filling, by the way. Room for one or two more guitars. I was thinking of you...
June 21 2015 02:58:18
PsychoPsycho Sounds great Haf !!
+1 June 21 2015 03:31:36 PsychoHaffast
Thanks Psycho! You guys inspire me to try harder and branch out. You especially, with your huge variety of playing style. Thanks again!
June 21 2015 02:54:12
WikimarkWikimark I added some keys to the mix great playing to both of you :)
+1 June 21 2015 03:30:35 WikimarkHaffast
They sounded great Mark! Thank you! still looking forward to hearing them in some real speakers! What I could had was perfect!

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