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always in search of new challenges, there was a time that the laziness took over from me, lack of ideas, the loneliness sometimes can become painful, but from a distance you can always have a loophole, a flight forward, an opportunity to be heard, an opportunity that I found with you... Thanks Marc for leaving the door ajar


Beautiful music from both of you - I'm always amazed at the amount of talent on here ! I'm in aw+1
June 21 2015 12:35:08
ivax Thanks Friend +0
All the musicians share the moments which you explain... they go and come.
Es bello y me soy dejado cogido ;)
June 21 2015 12:35:58
ivax Very grateful titi +0
Pity I can only give 1 thumb+1
June 21 2015 12:37:07
ivax Oh, lairdy, with only know that you listen to me makes me happy +0
Very nice add ivax:)+1
June 21 2015 16:17:00
ivax Thank you Mish,very grateful +0
You picked a great piece. I think most of us can relate to your thoughts ivax... great playing as always :)+1
June 21 2015 16:25:04
ivax Thanks friend for being there, I think that my case is not isolated, why you consider it as one big family. Thanks psych, I am happy to have met in this formidable place +1
June 21 2015 18:43:59
Psycho Isolated, hell no. Sometimes I think we live in hell which is actually above ground :) It's all in how we deal with the devil !! +1
June 21 2015 18:48:20
ivax JA, ja, ja!, I think that your thoughts are right +2
very good:)+1
June 21 2015 16:48:38
Lenny Cowler
ivax Thank you friend Lenny,is the time of their drums +1
Absolutely fantastic treat, Xavi! Love it!!! Thank you! :)+1
June 21 2015 17:05:20
ivax Thanks Marc, you left the door ajar, you are who delights us with your wonderful compositions, thank you for sharing and allow play in your work +1
yes, it´s awesome :)+1
June 21 2015 18:31:02
ivax Thanks dear Akch, with Marc always learn, such as natural patterns, such as relative movement +1
June 21 2015 18:49:42
AKchen yes, it melts together (if one can say that) :) +1
June 21 2015 18:59:57
ivax JA, ja, ja! exact +0
Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
===APPLAUSE===== You walk on the piano way, sometimes you are scared, other time you run and finally you tame it!
June 22 2015 19:59:50
ivax Tofz thank you for the applause, I feel flattered, tell one thing, Friday started with the song, and on Saturday continued with it until the end, but as I had to attend my daughter's graduation party, I could not upload the track and spent the night with the melody in the head, I knew that something failed so when he returned home in the early morning, I picked up the guitar and I opened the Cubase and return to rectify some passages, until you sleep and exhaustion overcame me, but I managed to finish it and this is the result, Marc is a phenomenon, it always manages to thrill me with your piano +0
June 22 2015 20:41:02
Tofzegrit Congratulations to your daughter too!
Sometimes the making Off a song is like that... Passion!
This is a tough piece to add to. You've certainly captured the feel.+1
June 23 2015 00:41:21
ivax Difficult challenge, I'm glad that you like Wade, it took me a few hours to adapt to Marc +0

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