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I am trying to learn how to best mix a bass into a song without either being to loud or quiet. I have thick skin and take constructive critique well. Suggestions??? playing is not perfect either that I know.


This sounds good.
Your bass is a little thin, would like to "feel" it a bit more.
Mix overall is good. Think it needs boosted about 4 DB. But, not knocking you bro. :)
Not my advice here, take it for what it is worth, 1.5 cents. lol..
I normalize myself with a commercial song, to get headphones or monitors to the right listening level. And match whatever to that.
Then I try to get the drums loud, then add the bass in, just under the kick. This allows drummer to drive tempo. But the bass runs the song. :)
Then guitars to just under the splash of cymbals. Seems to be a good mark for me.
Singer is louder than anyone. Of course.
JMHO not advice. :)
June 26 2015 06:31:45
KMstar Thanks for the advice +0
Lenny Cowler
Psycho made a good point...two ways I am hearing this. The tone is a little more mid than low...a boost in the lower freqs could give this some kick and depth OR a boost in DB might also do the trick since the guitar here is carrying a lot of low freqs. I would try both approaches and see which feels best? I think the playing is pretty good and this mix is close to "right on" :)+1
June 25 2015 01:40:42
KMstar Thanks Dan, glad to have the advice. +1
What has helped me with hard jams like this is listening to Basster to be honest. I cannot copy his great tone, but I can take cues from him about how big and dominating the bass is permitted to be and still be considered a good jam. Hope this helps. Don't be shy about looking up to people. I do it and it has helped me. I am still struggling with mixing too, I only have cool edit, which is old and basic.

I have STeinberg LE which came with my Zoom B3 but I have no idea how to use it.

My complaint with the B3 is that most of the preset "tones" are either too soft or way too loud and overloads the input.

YOu and me both brother. I think we are long lost brothers in the bass world..We should definitely keep an eye on eachother ;) I got your back if you got mine :)

The playing here was good and is perfectly acceptable for hard rock, and even at that some of your nice accents came out.

Good work man.

We got mixing to learn you and me both !!
June 24 2015 23:21:14
KMstar Basster impresses the heck out of me my friend and yes he has great tone. I look up to about everyone on here and try to place levels where it sounds good to me but I am really a lead guitar player that decided to focus on bass for a while and tone wise my ears are not used to this at all. I am trying not to be overbearing as I want to help a song not take it over and I am finding it is a very thin line between +1
June 24 2015 23:22:57
Girard Definitely a thin line. I sit there for 10 minutes sometimes moving the volume slider up and down, or adjusting eq, and almost always i'm only 70 percent happy with the actual sound of the bass +1
Maybe a bit louder to give it body, otherwise good playing :)+1
June 24 2015 23:14:22
KMstar thanks man! These small Samson reference monitors are horrible +0

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