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Just a quick one, one take for the first and one take for the second lead. Did not take as much time as usual, so it's quite rough. Left space at the intro and the middle for a sax or something. Great track Mpointon and Dan, Peace!


December 20 2016 18:09:30
HEY thanks for posting on Shoutbox this one---Probably going sing with your wah!<3
+1 December 20 2016 18:17:28 GemmyF TeeGee
Cool!! As you know, Dave already had a go, but he tried to fight against the wah... anyway, I still got all the files so if you want to move stuff let me know if I can help.
December 20 2016 18:30:07 GemmyF GemmyF
I saw someone sang but didn't want to listen. No wanty influency.
I downloaded the previos mix if I need to bring you down a little. But I'm thinking we can coEXIST the way it is! We'll see.
December 20 2016 18:35:41 GemmyF TeeGee
Cool!! I also got the bass track from PaulBowens as a separate file if you need. Can't wait to hear what you'll do :)
July 07 2015 14:39:27
That is some spectacular playing, TG! Listened to the end of the tree and had to come back up and give you thumbs for this.
+1 July 07 2015 15:10:16 mpointon TeeGee
Thanks mate :)
June 27 2015 14:07:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)

June 27 2015 04:05:39
Wow.. What a Wah
+1 June 27 2015 15:39:25 Tofzegrit TeeGee
Wah a sad place the world wuh be without wah...
June 27 2015 00:01:06
Man, you're so inspired today... this is beautiful, and... sexy :D Mega cool track.
+1 June 27 2015 00:05:15 Guadaña TeeGee
Thanks G! I had an empty house and a lot of time, so I could get down to business :D
June 26 2015 22:35:27
Great job playing TG... like the sound :)

June 26 2015 21:30:29
mega good!
+1 June 26 2015 21:32:16 jamlady TeeGee
Thanks :)
June 26 2015 20:43:58
very good TG, I like his game, sentimental and pleasant
+1 June 26 2015 21:03:10 ivax TeeGee
Thanks Ivax :)
June 26 2015 20:39:59
Very nice TG🔝🔝
+1 June 26 2015 21:03:38 frankyguitar TeeGee
Danke Franky :)
June 26 2015 20:23:47
very cool and off the cuff...I find the one take things we do as musicians tend to be the best at capturing the emotion of the moment that the music is coming across. Awesome in it's unfiltered honesty :) Thanks man....this is really good playing that I enjoy hearing :)
+2 June 26 2015 20:30:43 Danalyze45 TeeGee
Thanks Dan, appreciate it! I heard your beautiful track and could not resist :)
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