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Hey Loops!! hope u join with ur cool ideas.. Needs everything.. from guitars to vocals, etc... Percussion, Bass, Keys and Guitar involved already but u can add what u want over the track.. maybe ur bit sounds better..;) Peace and ROCK
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Rocky Melo Tune


Great woXey:)+1
June 27 2015 23:30:04
woXey Thank u my dear Mish:) +1
Perfect backing sequence... I need to get my head in gear and come up with some new leads !!+1
June 27 2015 23:30:49
woXey yep i made this one open this time thiking of a proper WikiBuildUp...;) lets see what happens:) +1
This is very nice woXey!;)+1
June 28 2015 15:44:38
woXey thank u very much Pico!! :D simple bits that work! im jamming on it already,.. +1
June 28 2015 18:21:26
incivanpico I got some lyrics comin m8!:D.....;) +1
June 28 2015 15:45:30
Lenny Cowler
woXey thanks Lenny.. the drums are qiute easy so there is room for more!;) +1
beautiful ;o)
I do not know exactly why, but your music reminds me often of "Roxy Music" ;o)
June 28 2015 15:46:21
woXey thats a cool review my amigo Ulo!! i can hear Ur ur voice in it with some echoes and delays.. cooll stuff +0
Very nice!+1
June 28 2015 15:46:41
woXey thank u bleymehl!!! +0
hey Dami,Pico me ha llevado a esta.. no me habia dado cuenta,Buenisima me transporta a una epoca buena en mi vida,la edad de oro+1
lovely :)+1

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