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Back on Cee's universe! Always so nice "jam" over his "backing tracks"... lol So I went to the Studio... :) I have managed guitar parts (rhythm) and tried to keep the right mood (I hope so), no solo cause Cee's plays a melody with guitar sound (lazy to double it...) Hope the mix is good for guitar level (some set-up monitoring troubles for me )


Above the call of duty fantastic track from both of you PRO stuff.D+3
June 30 2015 00:22:12
Tofzegrit Thanks shticks +0
Pro playin' on great template. Tres bien, mon ami!+2
June 30 2015 00:27:24
Tofzegrit I like this term "Pro"! that's the 2nde time I make a so clean work with Cee... original material is so well mastered that's give you the direction "be careful" #ON AIR# :)
Merci Patrick
This is fantastic. Reminds me to dutch progressive rock Group "Focus" with BigDaddyCee´s sophisticated jazz chords and progressions and Tofze´s oustanding guitar work.+2
June 30 2015 12:35:30
Tofzegrit Merci Rainer +0
excellent guitar-playing! and i like your very good anger management Christophe :)+1
June 29 2015 11:41:30
Pit Brett
Tofzegrit Merci Peter. For real, I'm a little bit more impulsive in conflictual position ! ;) +2
June 29 2015 11:48:58
Pit Brett
Pit Brett I tthink so Christophe :) you kept the title from BigDaddyCee :) +1
June 29 2015 12:49:14
Pit Brett
Tofzegrit Ya... it's a fake ! I'm a Joker :) +0
ah yeah, another cool track Tof! Very good guitar!+1
June 29 2015 12:49:57
Tofzegrit Merci Marc. I like when It's so clean +1
super add Tof,very pleasant:)+1
June 30 2015 00:21:22
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Good to answer you at midnight, at work! usually it's early in the morning!
Merci Lenny
cool guitars :)+1
June 30 2015 00:21:46
Tofzegrit cool comment :o +0
Pro straight through :)+1
fab, good mood giving :)+1
June 30 2015 00:24:08
Tofzegrit Glad you like it akchen °oO o °O 0 o°° +0
Dreamteam !!+1
June 30 2015 00:24:41
Tofzegrit Zen,isn't it ? :) +1
June 30 2015 07:56:37
frankyguitar Magic! +0

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