Keiichiro's 300

Remix step #4 (playing)


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Congrats Keiichi for 300 jams!
Thank you guys for this nice blues, add a bit guitar.
Hope you like it. Special thanx to Gary for upload the HD files.... :-))
so i could change the panorama.


March 13 2016 11:18:18
RobMRobM This is very cool Franky :) Very nice playing and a great fit friend :)
+1 March 13 2016 11:45:40 RobMfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Rob! :)
June 30 2015 11:55:44
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice Frank!;)
+1 June 30 2015 12:11:04 akethesnakerfrankyguitar
Thanx Ake! 😀😀
June 30 2015 05:44:50
KeitonKeiton So wonderful lead. it's very fit atmosphere. Thank you so much for joining :)
+1 June 30 2015 06:18:27 Keitonfrankyguitar
Hey Keiichi, many many thanx for your nice comment. I'm very glad you like this. It's my pleasure to jam with you and that I have catch the atmosphere from your song. It was my intention. So I wish all the best for the next 3⃣0⃣0⃣✔️ 👍👍😀😀
June 30 2015 00:34:09
PsychoPsycho Nice job franky... it's like you added some body to it and not a flat out lead?
+1 June 30 2015 06:13:36 Psychofrankyguitar
Yes Psy, are two different lines both recordet as one take. And a small third part at the beginning. I have try to catch the atmosphere from this nice template. Thank you very much my friend for hearing my stuff and the nice comments 😀😀😀
June 29 2015 23:54:31
GaryAGaryA nice add, but I feel you are in the back of the mix. Maybe try lowering the level of the original mix a little bit and raising your guitar level so it is louder and up front. :-)
+1 June 30 2015 05:05:44 GaryAfrankyguitar
Hey Gary, Thanx a lot 😀 it was my Intention, because it is Keiichis original. One of the lines is with s lot of reverb and swell backwards effect. I will try it, and if it works I want change the uploads 👍👍 many thanx for your comment and feedback 😀😀
June 29 2015 22:58:07
AKchenAKchen super gemacht :) Gute Nacht ;)
+1 June 29 2015 23:00:25 AKchenfrankyguitar
Danke schön, Dir auch.... 🌚🌝🌚🌝
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