Florence by night revisited

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Finally find some time to work on this beautiful piece again


I am in a woodland surrounded by mythical creatures. I am light as air and the experience is magical.+2
June 30 2015 20:39:31
fanne Very fine words Vicky, your comment prove you have listened very carefully to the arrangement
I did indeed tried to describe the astonishments of the different creatures (people= instruments) throughout history, for those ancient monuments, statues and buildings, of which there are plenty in Florence.
Mystical and magnificent revisit of this magical tune by Marc! :)+2
June 30 2015 20:40:26
fanne Thanks Marianne! +0
Mate I could listen to you guys for hours and hours and then come back for more+2
June 30 2015 20:51:06
fanne Maybe Mark should release a CD so you wouldn't have to come back for more Lairdy :) +1
July 01 2015 09:43:55
onewholeft Good idea Johnv +1
Fantastic !!+2
July 02 2015 09:13:27
Il Tello
fanne Thanks Il Tello ,you shure experienced Florence by night :) +1
Sounds wonderful !!+1
June 30 2015 20:14:42
fanne Thanks Psycho!like you like it :) +0
simply brilliantly ;o)+1
June 30 2015 20:17:20
fanne Thanks Ulo !it's a bit full for some vocal I suppose :) +0
very awsome arrangements ! you know your plugs ! there's some distortion in a couple spots (which is criminal on such a beautiful track !) ... please check it out and fix it !! this is a beauty and it's well worth the time you put into :)+1
June 30 2015 20:21:52
fanne Is the distortion in the rendering to mp3 or in the wave file too ? I can't listen to it on monitors here +0
Utterly Enthralling !!+1
June 30 2015 20:22:45
fanne Thanks RobM,glad you like it! +0
What a lovely intro plus a fantastic finish! BUT :): 1:56 to 2:02 is still my fav part: beyond BRILLIANT! Thank you very much John!+1
June 30 2015 20:46:47
fanne All credits goes to you Mark for this wonderfull composition!this should be played on real instruments and it would sound 10 times better...1:56 to 2:02 well...it can't be sunday everyday,otherwise we wouldn't have a sunday :) +2
June 30 2015 20:59:39
Liesching Your entire addition is sunday, 1:56 to 2:02 is Christmas and Easter on one day! :) +2
great about you both :)+1
June 30 2015 20:47:27
fanne Thanks akchen! +1

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