Victorian Tea Time

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I don't know but I bet you do :)


July 01 2015 12:30:27
very nice ;o)

July 01 2015 06:55:27
cody trippcody tripp

July 01 2015 06:46:10
Very nice Peter! And surprising!! Very cool, like this side also!!

July 01 2015 06:02:43
I had my pinky sticking out the entire time I was listening to this.

Right on!

+1 July 01 2015 06:06:17 Haffast PeterVeillon
A dainty one aren't you lol. Save that pinky for your geetar :)
July 01 2015 06:09:09 Haffast Haffast
I wish I could use it to any great extent on it. No such luck.

I pretty much just exists for tea time. :)
July 01 2015 05:44:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+0 July 01 2015 06:04:48 Lenny Cowler PeterVeillon
Lenny I was supposed to be sleeping during the day. It was so hot in my room that I couldn't fall asleep so I brought the keyboard out. That was the result of insomnia :)
July 01 2015 02:42:31
Wow Peter this is so nice !:)
+1 July 01 2015 02:44:03 Mishteria PeterVeillon
I can't playas beautiful as you do but you inspire to want to learn how to :)
July 01 2015 02:46:31 Mishteria Mishteria
I think you have a nice touch on the keys:) like it!
July 01 2015 02:41:09
This is a switch... but a very good switch... very nice !!
+2 July 01 2015 02:42:25 Psycho PeterVeillon
There's the real psycho. Nice Les Paul brother
July 01 2015 03:09:31 Psycho Psycho
Thanks, Peter, yup, that's me... still standing :)
July 01 2015 02:29:16
Well hello lol

Wow dude you and Buddy threw me for a loop on this one. Bravo. I know Buddy was sitting right there with you offering support during this emotional outpouring, Pete.

Good one man, very nice.

+1 July 01 2015 02:31:51 Girard PeterVeillon
He has a mini piano like in the Island of Dr Moreau
July 01 2015 02:33:11 Girard Girard
lol of course, how could I have overlooked that? URGGHH at myself for that one. OF COURSE the lil' guy has a piano.
July 01 2015 02:35:00 Girard PeterVeillon
I don't know why by I read all your comment in the voice of Seth Roegan. Must be the beard :)
July 01 2015 02:35:58 Girard Girard
My voice is on a couple tracks if that bothers you. Maybe you can be bothered even more by my real voice bwahahahha
July 01 2015 02:27:40
4 o'clock
+0 July 01 2015 02:29:48 Girard PeterVeillon
It's Tea time somewhere
July 01 2015 02:31:44 Girard Girard
Tea Time is all the time, tea time is a force of nature which cannot be messed with. We can say it's 4pm or 4am, it won't matter. Tea is eternal, as is time, that means tea time is eternal.
July 01 2015 02:02:10
I like your tone change when you switch the mic, flanger is a good idea and wah-wah cries as well ! The best is the solo part with the delay... another good heavy track from distoman... on Piano.. sorry :)
+0 July 01 2015 02:06:36 Tofzegrit PeterVeillon
Huh? :)
July 01 2015 02:10:15 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
sometimes I play "jokes machine" ;)
July 01 2015 02:11:23 Tofzegrit PeterVeillon
Sometimes I play piano machine :)

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