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I had asked Sylvia for the backing and then done nothing with it...too scared I guess in case I made an idiot of myself. But these are the first lyrics I ever wrote entirely on my own and was galvanised into action because Sylvia wanted the backing back to let someone else have a try. Guess it was the kick in the rear I needed, cos the lyrics were written within 20 mins and the orig mix followed shortly after. ...
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Country, blues, Patsy Cline


If you listen to one of my vocal tracks you will never hesitate again. Really. You're great, and every time you "risk" uploading something, you get heaps of praise. Maybe this time after the flood of comments you will start to believe it.+1
July 02 2015 07:03:38
MorganLeFey I have had to read this many times before I got it ;-) thank you for being so very supportive Girard +0
July 02 2015 07:05:30
Girard Sure, and I don't pump people up either. +1
Very very nice. Love the old school country vibe. Well done. Great production. ..+1
July 02 2015 07:02:41
MorganLeFey Glen that is what I found so appealing about the backing, it had a Patsy Cline kinda feel. Thank you so much for the listen +1
Yeah, you're a class act, and that goes over REAL well around here. Good job and have fun in the aftermath :)+1
July 02 2015 07:01:44
MorganLeFey thank you Girard nice to meet you :) +1
cool song :)+1
July 02 2015 07:00:45
MorganLeFey thank you my friend :) +1
Very nice song :D And I know about the lyric issue ;) I think you've done very well on them.. and also very well on the delivery! Fear hey.. if we could only so easily get rid of it... :D Glad yours on the lyrics has gone :D Much Love!+1
July 02 2015 12:46:49
MorganLeFey ah I knew you would recall those days as your assistance was the first orig I wrote most of the lyrics for a backing Mark did, recall? Love ya xx +1
July 02 2015 17:57:36
Djev I will never forget that :D xxx +1
Great !!+1
Super song, Morgan! Wish I had such a powerfull voice :)+1
July 02 2015 22:29:53
MorganLeFey very old school style song Patrick but then again therein lies its charm I think. I like your voice just as it is sir! +1
Nice vocals Vicky+1
July 02 2015 22:28:51
MorganLeFey well thank you JM +1
Great song, perfect sung! wish I could write songs in 20 minutes..+1
July 02 2015 22:28:22
MorganLeFey you are very kind John we both thank you huggs +1
This is magic:)+1
July 02 2015 22:27:33
Lenny Cowler
MorganLeFey appreciate the listen Lenny thanks +1

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