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I had asked Sylvia for the backing and then done nothing with it...too scared I guess in case I made an idiot of myself. But these are the first lyrics I ever wrote entirely on my own and was galvanised into action because Sylvia wanted the backing back to let someone else have a try. Guess it was the kick in the rear I needed, cos the lyrics were written within 20 mins and the orig mix followed shortly after. Nowadays I do sing it at gigs so decided to resing before posting...the last mix was a little too heavy on reverb. Sylvia and I thank you so much for the listens


February 13 2016 18:08:57
frenziefrenzie My kind of female singing music! :)

October 24 2015 19:18:12
blumartiniblumartini sweet
+0 October 30 2015 10:25:42 blumartiniMorganLeFey
thank you so much for taking a listen :)
August 07 2015 19:38:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler I must say again great praise, millions thumbs for you:)

August 07 2015 04:53:37
goldtop68goldtop68 this is a beautiful tune, I played some guitar parts over it but wanted to ask if it was ok to post (don't want to step on any toes)
+0 August 07 2015 05:26:44 goldtop68MorganLeFey
no toes to be stepped upon :) fire away
July 27 2015 00:14:19
AcousticegAcousticeg Very Nice tune...

July 25 2015 00:15:52
wikibebwikibeb superbe

July 02 2015 22:37:59
AKchenAKchen yes, it´s very great :)
+1 July 03 2015 00:18:06 AKchenMorganLeFey
Thank you so much from both of us :D
July 02 2015 21:48:26
ShiShi and isn't this something :) real nice ms Morgan and Sylvia :)
+1 July 02 2015 22:27:07 ShiMorganLeFey
Thanks Shi
July 02 2015 21:18:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler This is magic:)
+1 July 02 2015 22:27:33 Lenny CowlerMorganLeFey
appreciate the listen Lenny thanks
July 02 2015 20:20:00
fannefanne Great song, perfect sung! wish I could write songs in 20 minutes..
+1 July 02 2015 22:28:22 fanneMorganLeFey
you are very kind John we both thank you huggs

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