Hissing Asp

+ 7
Nice track lots of room for flams and such .D


July 04 2015 23:23:43
JonJonJonJon this song is actually a great demonstration of how subtle things make a huge difference. And it didnt show up in my other version with the EZ Drummer drums. In the intro at .13 I hit the F#m power chord nice and fat but I also muted it to where it was a staccato hit. That along with the drum accent there makes it FAT. But thats the only time in the song I hit the chord like that. The rest of the time I was hitting it a bit differently. Small things make a huge difference. Also I only actually did part of the riff really corect the very first time lol. The little "walk down" at .08 secs was done really staccato that first time and with a different timing...the rest of the song it was done with a different timing. I didnt realize it until after I had mixed it etc
+0 July 06 2015 02:31:21 JonJonDrumshticks
Whoa on the Wiki I just play by ear and at times it shows with race or drag the beat.Could never sift down all that goes on musically with cords etc. Sequencers are great but so mechanical .Music lives in the land of nuance .Great track.D
July 04 2015 01:44:41
wiseshankswiseshanks Great job Greg!
+1 July 06 2015 02:33:11 wiseshanksDrumshticks
Thanks Wiseshanks love to hear feedback from drummers much coveted. G
July 03 2015 15:34:45
PsychoPsycho Cool, and coooool :)
+1 July 03 2015 22:52:23 PsychoDrumshticks
Nice big open time gaps for adds . It definitely needs a bass .thanks D
July 03 2015 09:42:55
onewholeftonewholeft It must be classic rock week ! I'm waiting for blues week!

July 03 2015 06:28:47
RobMRobM Nice one D
+0 July 03 2015 22:49:12 RobMDrumshticks
Rob this could use a nice lead add, hint hint. Thanks D
July 03 2015 05:25:19
cody trippcody tripp KILLER !!!!
+1 July 03 2015 22:53:02 cody trippDrumshticks
Thanks Cody.
July 03 2015 04:02:21
akethesnakerakethesnaker Yeah!

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