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Gave it a shot, but I'm not guilty. Frank has me abetted, LOL.
Love this great song from Frank and Lenny, thanks for invitation !!
Add a bit Blondie, a little intro, supported the chorus and destroy it totally with a little solo.
Have fun.....


July 03 2015 19:10:56
Yup good job Franky, remixed by Tull already :)
+1 July 03 2015 19:14:19 Girard frankyguitar
Thanks G !! will it here in few seconds....
July 03 2015 19:19:38 Girard Girard
July 03 2015 22:17:49 Girard frankyguitar
You own a nice black helmet, but with this hands I could never play bass !! You are a phenomenon!! Ahhaahhaah, LOL!! Great thanks for the yellow boat 👍👍😀😀here comes my 🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤 lol
July 03 2015 22:21:33 Girard Girard
LOL good laughs Franky VROOOOOOOM LOL
July 03 2015 18:49:24
good job Franky I'll mix :)
+1 July 03 2015 19:12:56 tullicbr frankyguitar
Thanx a lot tulli! Great you like it. look forward to your mix... :-))
July 03 2015 16:29:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!! You very appropriately has enriched this song:)Yeahhh:)
+2 July 03 2015 17:36:49 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny! i'm so glad you like it and a bit proud about your praise 😀😀😀
July 03 2015 19:11:06 Lenny Cowler Girard
Good comment!
July 03 2015 19:20:48 Lenny Cowler Lenny Cowler
thank you Girard, My English is not good way,but I try to put my feelings as I can:)
July 03 2015 19:24:39 Lenny Cowler Girard
Doing GREAT! You are a good friend every day.
July 03 2015 19:40:55 Lenny Cowler Lenny Cowler
:) I´m music maniac and
I try to be a good man:)
July 03 2015 19:45:24 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Always like me, Lenny!
If I could, I would make music all day long. Have learn this very late, but better than never.
July 03 2015 20:07:36 Lenny Cowler Girard
Music is timeless. Either you make it or you don't. Your age is not important. Bands form and break apart within 10 years. You have more time left in your life than the Beatles spent together. The internet makes age not matter. We hear your music and it is REAL.
July 03 2015 22:09:19 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
July 03 2015 15:12:20
Great play franky :)
+1 July 03 2015 16:08:34 Psycho frankyguitar
Thank you very much Psy, apprecciate your nice comments!! 😀😀
July 03 2015 13:02:22
ich kann das nicht sehr gut hören da ich im Büro bin, aber hört sich gut an. Ich werde das nochmal zu Hause anhören. Aber ich denke ich habe deinen neuen Killervibrato gehört!
+1 July 03 2015 13:29:02 TeeGee frankyguitar
Killervibrato, cool, ich lieb es! Dankeschön TG !!!!!
July 03 2015 12:19:01
passt ganz ganz toll, echt gut :)
+1 July 03 2015 12:51:01 AKchen frankyguitar
Dankeschön akchen! Freut mich sehr dass es Dir gefällt. Ist aber ach ein echt tolles Template 😀😀

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