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=Good title=

my 200th jam will be... "natural"
a kind of bluesy ballad played by Dan(alyze): Straight to the heart.
Oh Martin is here! and I've often crossed the Danny's Road ;) (available for both of them Btw)

Sometimes I need to clean the dust from my stratocaster and sometimes I plug it and today I've played it !

One take, fingered, for sharing feeling and emotion with all of you
Space available for keys, ...
Tagged as / Sounds like:
Blues Ballad,


great feeling ... hot weather ... old & new things .. trust, what do you need more ? ;) enjoyed it a lot ... happy jamday+3
July 03 2015 16:16:41
Tofzegrit Merci sweety akchen +1
Happy 200th TOF! This is really a wonderful listen my friend. The tone is like the glisten from light on water and your phrases really sound and come across heartfelt...your vibrato in particular throughout the track caught my ear the way you used it here to accent certain things. Knopfler-esque in a lot of places. I could listen to this all day :)+2
July 03 2015 22:35:15
Tofzegrit Merci Dan, I really apreciate your feedbacks and comments and I hope it was a "surprise" for you hearing me with this tone and playing (a little bit different than the other jams we have already made together) +0
July 03 2015 22:38:32
Danalyze45 I wasn't expecting you in this jam...and am glad you did. It's a great side of your playing and really takes the track to a higher place :) +2
July 03 2015 22:42:47
Tofzegrit I like your chords here, I do not play the "regular" blues because I have not enough skills (directions) to go in this way. When blues becomes m7 or 9... I feel it better :) +1
July 03 2015 23:22:42
Danalyze45 I've recently begun a course by Robben Ford and I am learning a lot about chords and shall we say...proper use? Or at least the endless possibilities that chords can open for you in songwriting :) This was a piece I wrote from my beginnings in this learning :) +1
July 03 2015 23:25:52
Tofzegrit I love Robben Ford but not in the classic way of Blues and I do not like his voice... except "Busted Up"
I love his tone and his wah wah playing... So there will be other ones like this one.. Yummmmm :)
July 03 2015 23:32:32
Danalyze45 there will definitely be more things like this coming. I like his chord work more than anything. The leading and ways he seems to find just the right voicing. I won't write like him for sure but will use the knowledge to write more things like this :) What yo udid here is exactly the style that I want to be able to do myself with a progression like this....right now, my melodic approach to this piece would have fallen way short of what you added :) +1
July 03 2015 23:44:41
Tofzegrit I have never follow any course, I just want playing without boring... but now I have some regrets and I have respect and admire people like you who learn learn ... Bravo +1
July 03 2015 23:49:39
Danalyze45 I have always appreciated many different styles of music so it forces me to always be looking up lessons on one thing or another :) Actually not many would recognize the work I do on "my own". What I post here a lot of times is very different than what my "style" is. +1
July 04 2015 02:20:00
Tofzegrit So can I congratulate you ? ;) +0
July 04 2015 02:55:57
Danalyze45 You can...and I congratulate you too. Some day I will create music like this too I hope :) +0
very cool, smooth as silk+1
July 03 2015 15:37:13
Tofzegrit Merci Frank +0
very cool jam Tof! great to listen too! :) congrats on the 200th jam!+1
July 03 2015 16:17:33
Tofzegrit Hey Marc ! merci
Plug play record??? what's happening lol
July 03 2015 17:06:49
Marceys Well than you must have a good vibe! Have a good weekend! +0
Wonderful tone, wonderful playing, wonderful addition ... just wonderful! Congrats on 200!+1
July 03 2015 16:29:47
Tofzegrit Glad you appreciate it so much Danny, merci
You become my "out of funk" regular partner on bass ;)
Yeah Tof, what everyone said already, great add, sound is great. Funny, we both hit 200 jams today...or last night :)+1
July 03 2015 22:39:58
Tofzegrit So.. merci & congratulations "mon ami près de la fenêtre" (my friend near the window) +1
Super Addition, Monsieur Chris. :)+1
July 03 2015 22:38:48
Tofzegrit Danke Sir Patrick ;) +1
Wow!!! Excellent 200th guitar magic:)+1
July 03 2015 22:38:23
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Merci Lenny; 6 months here have changed my musical life and so many relationships grew up too :) +1
cool tune ! well done guys :)+1
July 03 2015 22:37:23
Tofzegrit Merci OliV +1
perfect play!+1
July 03 2015 22:37:10
Tofzegrit Merci beaucoup +0
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