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I put this original together with all the instruments and vocal. If anyone's interested, I can mix it without the drums (it's 57 bpm) or w/o the guitar solo and you can add your tracks, or I can remix it w/o the vocal. Just let me know if you like it and how you'd like me to post a remix. -- Gator


October 29 2015 10:19:18
aleonzaleonz oh that vocal opening really striking the heart Gator, wonderful singing, so great to hear how you flowing through the song!
+1 October 29 2015 16:09:46 aleonzGatorblue
Thank you. I was really straining to reach the note on that. One day, I'm going back to that sound to re-mix and clean up the backing track. If you decide you'd like to sing it, let me know and I'll send you the track w/o vocals. --Gator
July 24 2015 22:41:47
StefStef Fantastic Gatorblue !

July 20 2015 16:05:19
gwailoahgwailoah Whoa, take me to church with this one!
+1 August 06 2015 06:11:57 gwailoahSexoPhoniX
nono take me in the church =)
July 08 2015 06:02:38
PsychoPsycho Great song, great execution !!

July 08 2015 01:31:50
heliandrosheliandros ok, now I checked it... :) Give an old man a chance to overpower Mr. Alzheimer.
Nevertheless your basicversion is the one I give a really big thump!

+1 July 08 2015 02:52:20 heliandrosGatorblue
thanks, Heliandors
July 07 2015 17:52:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

July 07 2015 13:20:57
onewholeftonewholeft Hi Mate really unique ! would love to do some blues together ! Blues being my all time favourite music ! I really felt this song we have to work together !

July 06 2015 18:46:02
TG_StratTG_Strat nice track Gator!!

July 06 2015 14:54:15
KeitonKeiton Good song :)
+1 July 06 2015 16:54:14 KeitonGatorblue
Thanks, Keiichiro.
July 06 2015 08:17:09
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 I enjoyed that...Well song and played.
+1 July 06 2015 16:55:03 mike_mp-1Gatorblue
Thanks, Mike. -- Gator

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