Funktastic tales with JM keys

Remix step #2

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Remix step #4 (playing)


ivax481 jams Supporter
+ 9
Blind-dog created a big template, then Nadeem gave life, when I heard TG already had my own made mix, so I wanted to join with his guitar with an mixture that jmrukkers to the keyboard on the track #44221 has been kind enough to contribute, and I hope the result is to your liking...
Thanks to jmrukkers by keys and TG riffs


July 07 2015 23:57:14
TofzegritTofzegrit You told me that sometimes you do some mix just for you : You can upload them... no problem, that sounds.
01:16 to 01:34 01:50 to 01:56 the solo... Me gusta :)

+1 July 08 2015 05:36:38 TofzegritTofzegrit
For sure it's taking a lot of time. On the last one, I play in a one take (04 min.) then Mix others, then me, cross some guitars on different channels with copy/paste...
4 mn to play 1h30 to "produce".
About your playing, of course I can hear some details because I'm following you amigo and I like listen, re listen, not to copy just to admire :)
July 08 2015 00:22:49 Tofzegritivax
Thank you Tofz, for paying attention to the details of the guitar, with that purpose mixing work, with the purpose of pleasing and is not always one satisfied, I have some started mixtures and half editing it I need time for everything, when I have some finished upload it to share... I am very slow to complete topics, I'm not very skilled in this aspect ,
July 07 2015 19:53:46
NadeemNadeem beautiful edit ivax
+1 July 07 2015 23:18:04 Nadeemivax
Thanks Nadeem, this theme I liked since the first day I heard it
July 07 2015 05:23:45
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+2 July 07 2015 23:16:43 Lenny Cowlerivax
Thanks Lenny
July 07 2015 01:40:49
Blind-DogBlind-Dog AWESOME! hearing my basic templates come full circle!...Truly rewarding! thank you!
+2 July 07 2015 23:16:11 Blind-Dogivax
You always bring interesting things, friend
July 06 2015 23:56:05
WadeWade Lots of sound here filling that stage.
+1 July 07 2015 23:15:06 Wadeivax
This turns out to be fun, thank you Wave
July 06 2015 23:35:32
GirardGirard Nice jam Xavi and gang.
+2 July 06 2015 23:39:25 Girardivax
Thanks friend,very grateful Girard
July 06 2015 22:44:03
TG_StratTG_Strat Very good Ivax, great guitar licks and professional mixing!!!
+2 July 06 2015 23:32:51 TG_Strativax
you all are the protagonists of this result
July 06 2015 22:35:06
StefStef Wwonderful synthesis of sounds ! Great work Ivax !!
+1 July 06 2015 23:33:28 Stefivax
Thanks Stef

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