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Another straight Jam by Mr Sarikov. This one just rocks. He did an amazing job. Hope I complimented his bass ok. Would like to hear pro's and con's. Thanks for the listen. Drum tack solo available.
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bass and drums, alex and jay


I'm not afraid to be a critic, but I don't do it much because I believe in encouraging others. I find no cons man... great playing !!+2
Solid and punchy ! If I have one thing to say in the "negative" or "objective" : All percu sounds are perfect just the tom sounds are strange to me (too "electronic")
It's a great job around this amazing piece from Alex
Bravo Jay
Jaymny, I am really digging the drums on this track. It reminds me of another that I did with you and Alex that I called Magnanimous PI. I look foward to adding another one with you soon.+1
nice drumming Jay :)+1
Very fine and tight playing, Jaymny. Spot-on choices for the tune. Many thumbs :)+1
Very precise timing!! Awesome drumming man !!+1
Wow...this is really really good from both of you. There are no cons here to my ears :) You really locked well with Alex's track and put in some fine variations. A great mix as well :)+0
Very cool Jaymny! Tight and funky! Like it! :)+0
great drum-great jam+0
Fine drumming!+0

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