A Song For Kay

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This is a really rough draft of a song I'm trying to work out for my daughter. A Little stumped on it so any ideas / suggestions / input would be really awesome :)


Sounds like a nice song. I feel the two guitar parts are fighting each other and being so different. Maybe harmonize them more. Let oine guitar establish the patterns for the song and then the other guitar can weave in, out and around harmonically. Just a thought. :-)+2
Nice track+1
Dan dad's love+1
this is perfect Dan! do not touch a thing.. great combo.. the 2 guitars are brilliant!+1
July 10 2015 03:18:42
Danalyze45 Why thank you Wox....it is a total rough draft. I do like some parts of this but will probably make "some" changes here and there before all said and done :) +0
So far sounds great I wouldn't change anything+0
Nice one+0
Nice one Dan, but I have to agree with GaryA. First thought was to harmonise the 2 guitars more.+0
I like the beginning melody, and this could really stand out if you expand it. Otherwise it's very good.+0
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