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piper868 jams Supporter
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OK, thought I'd give this one another try more of a test to see how the vocals are...too loud...too soft...whatever. With birds in the background too. OK don't throw tomatoes at the monitor!!!

Set your sails we're going for a trip.... we're going trip... just you and I.... our lives together, c'mom.... Let's go....Just you and I ....around the moon....hmmmm....hey... so pack your things and let's go...lets go...lets go..let's go around the moon...now...


July 11 2015 22:16:52
Lovely add Piper, i like it a lot !! ;)
+1 July 13 2015 15:45:42 nuno1959 piper
Thank you Nuno! I really appreciate you topping by :) Hope you're feeling better :)
July 10 2015 11:28:00
So airy and soft :) Nice!!
+1 July 10 2015 13:04:30 Countryboy piper
Thank you CB, I appreciate you stopping by :D
July 10 2015 07:04:13
Yeah! Cool to hear all these singers here! "Set your sails" sounds like a sailing trip, thats very tempting! :) great track you did here!
+1 July 10 2015 13:06:13 Marceys piper
Thank you Marc. I hope that I did your beautiful melody justice :) This is probably one of my favorites of yours. :D
July 10 2015 03:10:01
cody trippcody tripp
Wow piper very nice !!
+1 July 10 2015 03:28:09 cody tripp piper
Yay! :D
July 10 2015 03:22:31 cody tripp cody tripp
I was pleasantly surprised
July 10 2015 03:19:00 cody tripp piper
Thank you Cody, you mean I don't sound like Elvira anymore, he he ;)
July 10 2015 02:43:59
That's so sooooooooooo good, piper !!!!!!!!!!
Do you want to grab in your memory chest for the lyrics to give me the honor to share with me?
I would like to share my time with your beautiful voice!

+1 July 10 2015 20:05:57 heliandros piper
July 10 2015 19:51:52 heliandros heliandros
thank you :)
July 10 2015 12:58:02 heliandros piper
Set your sails we're going for a trip we're going trip just you and I our lives together. Let's go....Just you and I ....around the moon....hmmmm.... so pack your things and lets go...lets go...lets go..go around the moon...now...
July 10 2015 00:28:16
That make me think to "great gig in the sky" because of the color of the voice, some phrasing and the mix/effect... Nice one Windy Queen
+1 July 10 2015 01:37:55 Tofzegrit piper
July 10 2015 01:37:13 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
Oh I was not talking about the performance on this amazing tune, just the whole environment here reminds it to me
July 10 2015 01:29:18 Tofzegrit piper
Oh no! I'm not ready for that gig for a longgg time ;) Merci, Sir Tof
July 10 2015 00:27:54
Didn't want to mess up my monitor, so I stuck a banana in my amp :) Hopefully you don't really believe that. You have a very nice singing voice... great job Pipes !!
+1 July 10 2015 01:28:07 Psycho piper
LOL, a banana, you goof-ball ;)
July 10 2015 00:27:17
Great track.Big compliments to all - and -last not least - to Piper:This is sweet, greattttttt vocals! Fits the song 100%.
+1 July 10 2015 01:27:00 R1772 piper
Thank you R :)
July 10 2015 00:07:10
I really enjoy this I really enjoy your voice I think it's a good job
+1 July 10 2015 00:13:45 Girard piper
Thank you G. I really appreciate that!I guess, I don't have to worry about tomatoes being thrown at the monitor. ;)
July 10 2015 00:06:55
You remind me of a famous singer when I figure out who it is I will tell you and show you videos
+1 July 11 2015 14:29:34 Girard Girard
I gotta figure this out it's bothering me
July 10 2015 00:14:54 Girard piper
Wow what a compliment!I really appreciate that G :D

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