Frontal Compulsion (3 Guitar Remix)

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This is a remix of the version with Psycho, Wikimark, and myself on lead, and in that order. I had made this a while back, trying to level out all three guitars, but forgot to upload it then...

Enjoy! Didn't want anyone to be left out and there was no way to put it under Psycho's


July 10 2015 15:51:27
cody trippcody tripp GREAT !!!
+1 July 10 2015 19:28:02 cody trippHaffast
Much appreciated! I tried... :-)
July 10 2015 13:10:00
PsychoPsycho I agree with Tof, excellent intentions... Mixing is half the work here. I can't put my finger on it but something is missing. I like it though :)
+1 July 10 2015 13:45:02 PsychoHaffast
I think the best way to mix would be using the original tracks and starting from scratch.

For this, I took your version and tried to adjust the volume between our the parts. We all had different tones to start with and mixed it differently with the backing track I the first place.

I REALLY like our three parts, just wish it didn't found like three songs mashed together because of how I tried to mix it.

Thanks though! :-)
July 10 2015 11:05:41
KeitonKeiton Nice playing :)
+1 July 10 2015 19:27:41 KeitonHaffast
Thanks! :-)
July 10 2015 07:27:17
AusMusicAusMusic Nice one :)
+1 July 10 2015 19:27:13 AusMusicHaffast
Thanks! We all did pretty well, I think
July 10 2015 07:10:32
TofzegritTofzegrit Good intentions from you Haf! And good job 18 guitar"s strings + 4 from bass...

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