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As some may have noticed i've been kind of ''away'' from the Loops…
It was just too frustrating listening to everyone HAVING FUN & not being able to join in !?
Yup, you shameless, shameless people !! :D :D

Now that things are falling back into place, the other day while browsing around, Girard pointed me out to this FABULOUS template & i REALLY must thank him for it !!

WHAT A BLAST this is, my favourite Wiki M&M's ( Marceys & ...


A fantastic bass add keep em coming+1
July 10 2015 15:47:07
nuno1959 Many thanks Lairdy, much appreciated !! ;) +0
Nice. I see!+1
July 10 2015 15:44:45
nuno1959 While looking for the notes after your msg, i accidentally stumbled on this combo &.. i guess it kind of works !
Sorry i wasn't back to you on time.. :|
Don't know what tone you are looking for but your playing is super and the tones are just as super. From one Bass player to another Great playing Nuno hope you find that tone.+1
July 10 2015 15:46:46
nuno1959 Thanks Rickp but you know how it goes :
I can't sit still, must be fiddling all the time !! :D
Glad you enjoyed it..
July 10 2015 15:48:07
Rickplayer Know where you are coming from hard to sit still and get that right sound +1
It's so great to hear you again Nuno! And on a track where I contributed makes it even more greater too! Your sound is deep and very groovy! Think there is a slight sync thingie between the keys and drums.... They don't match as they should have.... But it's a cool track anyway! Welcome back in active mode! 😎+1
July 10 2015 16:17:34
nuno1959 Oh no… I did it AGAIN !? :o
How the hell ? When i import the tracks i just line the beginning of each in my GarageBand & then record mine…
So, their beginnings don't ''coincide'' ? Is that it ?
Have gone back to the original & yes, of course.. you ARE right ! :|
I'm SO sorry, how stupid of me...
July 10 2015 16:24:09
Marceys No man! Don't be sorry! It's probably a lesson learned for all of us to put the click-track before every seperate track so a new remix can always get the sync good! +0
July 10 2015 16:26:18
Marceys When you listen to the clicktrack you can hear they are not in line.... They are slightly behind each other! But only just slightly....... +1
July 10 2015 16:31:37
nuno1959 I'm an ass……………………… :| :| :|
I was SO excited w/ your mix… i could kick myself now ! Where's the emoji representing dead embarrassed ?
July 10 2015 16:38:21
Marceys But a very cool one Nuno!!! We have been born to early! In the comming years the software will evolve and sync the tracks on their own..... 😜 +1
July 10 2015 16:54:51
nuno1959 Ah, now you're cooking !! Yes, that's a solution..
Hey Apple, did you hear this ? You paying attention ?
Hope they don't make me drop by & slap a few… :D :D
Love the tone you've got going on here. This is killer+1
July 10 2015 16:19:32
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, i'm very glad you enjoyed it.. ;) +1
nice track guys! well done Nuno...glad you are back and ready to do your thing!+1
July 10 2015 16:20:27
nuno1959 Feels good to be back Glenn, many thanks buddy !! ;) +1
Perfect Sir Nuno!
This tone is deepless that those I've already heard from you! less sustain sometimes give the groove.
Nuno's line style fits, the line is killing!
Hop hOp hoP :)
July 10 2015 18:45:55
nuno1959 Am very glad you enjoyed this Tof, thanks a lot !!
As for the tone, it's still a work in progress :
Despite this bass has less pots than the Spector, i still haven't grasped it totally ! ;)
Lenny Cowler
awesome Nuno:)+1
July 10 2015 18:46:20
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks bro, good to be back in the saddle.. ;) +1
It's fantastic to have my favorite lizard back. Missed those cool bass lines... just like this one. Great :) tune !!+1
July 10 2015 19:21:16
nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh.. you spoil me Psy !
Very glad you had fun listening man !! ;)
Very cool 😎+1
July 10 2015 20:46:12
nuno1959 With dark glasses & all ? ;)
Thanks WP, much appreciated !

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