It's all right

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Inspired by my wife, who keeps her deceased father on her mind - every day :)

It's all right

When I was young,
A little one
All I saw
was warm and coloured by the sun
but even if I cried,
then you said,
that it's allright

The days were long
Your arms were strong
not to much words, but lots of love the whole day long
And I felt:
It's all right

I need you more
than words can say
Why did you have to go away

Now I have to cry,
and I can hear you say:
It's all right


Now you're gone
somewhere far away from here
Rest your tired arms and look for me here
and if you hear me cry
then let me say to you:

It's all right


July 23 2015 15:34:51
What a beautiful piece of music Patrick, and u say you don't sing? Me thinks U do, and quite well, and your guitar work is always impeccable. Thanks for sharing this with us :)
+1 July 23 2015 20:59:54 Davnel99 pkliesch
Thank's a lot, Davnel!
July 22 2015 23:03:26
These words are beyond sweet and it is sang even more sweetly. You carry such a comforting emotion in your voice. I am forever a fan of yours. If you sing it, or play it, I will listen! :) Just beautiful, Patrick.
+1 July 23 2015 20:59:07 KellsBells pkliesch
What a beautiful comment, Kelly. I feel honored. Thank you so much :) :)
July 20 2015 09:33:09
wie schön :)
+0 July 20 2015 17:34:47 AKchen pkliesch
Vielen lieben Dank, liebes akchen (Warst Du verreist?) :)
July 17 2015 10:13:18
Cant get much better than this mate
+0 July 17 2015 17:41:36 onewholeft pkliesch
Thank you, my friend!
July 14 2015 00:05:16
Wonderful Bro! Love it!
+0 July 17 2015 17:41:13 Liesching pkliesch
Danke mein Lieber!
July 12 2015 22:02:25
What a song! awesome in every way..except …you should borrow the piano of your brother..:)
+0 July 13 2015 01:07:38 fanne pkliesch
Thank you, John. You're right. My softwaregrand can't reach the quality of his instrument. Unfortunately he lives 300 Miles away from me :)
July 12 2015 21:09:39
warm loving blanket of sound around each ear. i love your subtle sweet harmony - your voice can capture the tiniest nuance of emotion, Patrick. the intimacy of your delivery is what appeals so much to me. "even if i cried" - the change in the music in those spots was perfect. very beautiful piece of love. :)
+0 July 13 2015 01:02:25 AnneCozean pkliesch
Thank you so much, Anne. It really means a lot to me, when you're okay with it :)
July 12 2015 09:03:50
Thank's for your friendly words, Marianne! :)

July 12 2015 08:11:52
Sweet precious song with such a soulful confirmation that it's alright! Thank you for sharing, PK. :)

July 12 2015 01:47:16
Oh PK your wife is gonna feel the tears in this one!
Beautifully done

+0 July 12 2015 09:02:20 PJE pkliesch
Thank's a lot, PJ :)

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