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Super fun to jam on! I went with something totally different for the recording, but I still love this backing track. I tried to keep it quiet(er) so it wouldn't drown out the main track. Enjoy!?


November 14 2015 20:28:18
MidoruMidoru Great use of effect - nice piece to listen to.
+1 November 17 2015 14:56:10 MidoruHaffast
Thanks! I thought it was kind of lame... Hahaha!
November 17 2015 15:14:51 MidoruMidoru
Sometimes, lame is cool :D
November 18 2015 05:20:05 MidoruHaffast
July 18 2015 15:23:08
KellsBellsKellsBells I think this was a very tasteful use of the effect. Every time it went up it was right on key. Sounds great H!
+1 July 18 2015 22:40:47 KellsBellsHaffast
Thank you! It was really tough to NOT play the Like a Stone solo over and over and over... This effect names it the easiest thing ever. Lol
July 12 2015 23:19:33
TenrolfTenrolf Love the pitch effect, Thanks for the add :)
+1 July 13 2015 05:17:39 TenrolfHaffast
thanks! I love your template! This was a lot of fun to jam on! :)
July 12 2015 14:27:09
Davnel99Davnel99 Cool! Some exotic sounds oozing out. :)
+1 July 12 2015 16:35:29 Davnel99Haffast
Thanks! It's an effect I don't use very often because I NEVER know how to not overdo it. Glad you like it!
July 12 2015 13:58:03
PsychoPsycho The master pitch bender, great !!
+1 July 12 2015 16:34:39 PsychoHaffast
Ha ha! Thanks Psycho! Much appreciated!

The base track for this could REALLY name for some awesome music, but this wasn't that. ;)
July 12 2015 13:26:25
RobMRobM :D Love it ... Perfect use of the pitch bender, great playing and a nice Floyd vibe with the keys and bass !! Brilliant Haf !!! :D
+1 July 12 2015 16:33:12 RobMHaffast
Thanks! I felt like it wasn't really going anywhere, so I appreciate you guys and your great feedback!
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