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I was with the accoustic trying another template but when I've seen a new upload from Richy... IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD while listening ! Put in the DAW, the previous guitar settings nice... feeling power: on one take, one breath, a jam ! I'm so happy to play on his stuff again... ! then I should be one of the first to say Merci Richy !
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cool playing :) ça sent le piezzo ?+1
July 12 2015 19:38:02
Tofzegrit Piezzo c'est sillet? Je crois, c'est une takamine à 300 balles et mes pitch +5 & -5? Tu les aimes mes pitch lol 🎶🎶🎶💨 +1
July 12 2015 19:44:11
OliVBee piezzo c'est chevalet ;) ... tu gagnerais sans aucun doute à l'enregistrer avec un micro plutôt que par le piezzo ;) +1
July 13 2015 04:15:48
Tofzegrit Si je dois acheter un 🎤 ce serait plutôt un SM58...,je sais pas si ça fera l'affaire pour la prise de son guitare (j'ai déjà un pied lol) +1
July 13 2015 06:09:39
OliVBee non ça le fera pas pour enregistrer une guitare acoustique ! +0
Nice stuff you make here! Fits very good in!!+1
July 13 2015 04:19:37
Tofzegrit Merci Franky
Great to plug, play, record and to be in!
very enjoyable:)+1
July 13 2015 04:21:27
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Merci Lenny. After 2 busy songs where I have to find my place... This one was so "open" :) +1
Takamine... un bien bel instrument !
Beau jeu et beau son Tof' :)
July 13 2015 04:26:09
Tofzegrit Merci Titi.
Après les 2 chansons d'aleonz, ici il y a de la place! J'ai bien kiffé la récréation
July 13 2015 06:09:30
titi Oui, elle produit la petite ! +0
Hey Tofzegrit! Very tasty playing - thank you.+1
July 13 2015 04:24:04
Tofzegrit Merci I'm yours Richy! You share a very nice music and it's a real pleasure to play with! +0
Beautiful playing Tof :)+1
July 13 2015 04:28:35
Tofzegrit Hey Rob ! I play acoustic :)
Merci and I m sure you would want try something on this template from Richy.
this track a very killer ingredients Richy + Tof = coolness+1
July 13 2015 04:36:01
Tofzegrit Terima Kasih Alice.
As I wrote previously, I have some busy work with your 2 songs before. Then Richy offering me a kind of "free time"... Fresh.
this is so great Tof! Just right on this rhodes!+1
July 13 2015 11:26:14
Tofzegrit The Rhodes sounds so great. Merci Marc +0
Very, very cool playing, Tof! Taste, restraint, tone. All there. Right on the money! :)+1
This is a wonder, never heard I had to Richi, great job+1
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